It is known that currently not only natural cordyceps Tibet appeared on the market. In addition, the lines of artificial cordyceps are grown by the US, Thailand, Korea, Japan and Vietnam. America is at the forefront in many fields, including health supplements. So in your opinion, is American cordyceps good? Today's post, Ganoderma will share to you 5 things to know about US cordyceps sinensis. If you are also interested in this line, don't miss our article.

1. What is American cordyceps?

American cordyceps is the common name for cordyceps lines which are studied and produced by American experts in strict process, applying the most advanced farming technology.

American cordyceps are cultured under strict conditions
American cordyceps are cultured under strict conditions  

In the US, do not sell natural Cordyceps. Because they think that the product grows in the wild will be affected by sandy soil, the environment should be full of impurities. While the requirements for food hygiene and safety in the US are strict, natural cordyceps products do not meet the needs.

Therefore, experts in the US went directly to Tibet to get natural cordyceps. After that, experts in the US conducted Cordyceps Cultivation in a modern greenhouse environment and the results were successful. Currently, the United States can produce cordyceps to meet the needs of users.

+ Note: Things to Know About Korean Cordyceps

Currently, in the US there are 3 common types of cordyceps:

  • Cordyceps Aloha

Pharmaceuticals containing 100% pure cordyceps are grown according to American standard model.

  • Cordyceps Nutricep Organic Cordyceps

This cordyceps species is grown by varieties of Tibetan cordyceps. Strict farming process should retain high medicinal properties. The product is rated as a higher pharmaceutical ingredient than natural cordyceps.

Cordyceps products in the US are appreciated for quality
Cordyceps products in the US are appreciated for quality
  • Cordyceps Kunni

The product has been tested and licensed by the authorities to market. Kunni cordyceps functional food of America guarantees to bring the user the best health.

  • Cordyceps Swanson

This is also one of the types of cordyceps that are appreciated for quality. The product not only helps to improve health but also supports the treatment of many diseases.

+ Note: Is it OK to Use Cordyceps Continuously

2. The effects of American cordyceps

According to scientists and experts in the field of cordyceps research shows, using US cordyceps will bring the following effects:

  • Using cordyceps against fatigue, stress, stress.
  • Enhance the immune system.
  • Prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Positive kidney tonic, treatment of diseases of physiological impairment.
  • Relieve diseases of the respiratory system.
  • Against aging.
  • Supporting the treatment of chronic diseases.
American cordyceps has many health benefits
American cordyceps has many health benefits

3. Who should use Cordyceps America

Currently, the subjects that are recommended to use cordyceps in the US include:

  • Use for adults over 18 years old. Not recommended for pregnant women, people with hot geographic location should consult a doctor.
  • People who are treating diseases with Western medicine should also consult their doctor before using cordyceps.
  • Elderly people with poor memory, or drowsiness, no longer lucid are suitable subjects to use cordyceps.
  • Workers of the mind, limbs and body weakness should also add cordyceps to nourish the body.

+ Note: Cordyceps Works Great For The Sick

4. How to use US cordyceps effectively?

Just like when using cordyceps in Vietnam, Tibet ... If users want American cordyceps to work, they need to use the correct dosage and the right way. Each product has instructions on how to use, you can consult or consult your doctor.

American cordyceps products are not medicines, only functional foods, so they cannot replace curative medicines.

You should note that using cordyceps in the right dose
You should note that using cordyceps in the right dose

5. Where to buy high quality Vietnamese cordyceps

At present, Vietnamese cordyceps are considered to be of inferior quality to Tibetan cordyceps. Therefore, users can prefer to use Vietnam cordyceps instead of US or Tibetan cordyceps.

Cordyceps Vietnam has a quite reasonable price, is grown right in the country so users do not need to worry about the transport process takes time and cost. To buy pure cordyceps, high medicinal ingredients, reasonable price. You can contact Linh Chi Nong Lam.

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