Green lim mushroom is one of the rare medicines with many outstanding properties. Currently, in addition to the natural forest green iron, the cultivated green iron is also a product that many people are interested in. So forest green iron mushrooms or better cultivated? Why is Nong Lam green iron mushroom trusted by many people? We invite you to find out 5 characteristics of green lim mushroom Nong Lam.

Are only green reishi mushrooms good?

It is undeniable that the medicinal properties of the green limestone mushrooms are very high. However, because the fungus grows only on the trunk of an old lim tree, it is potted inside. Therefore, if the mushroom part is not handled properly, there will still be a toxic amount. Users if using forest reishi mushrooms are still toxic will have health effects.

Forest green mushrooms have not eliminated unhealthy toxicity
Forest green mushrooms have not eliminated unhealthy toxicity  

Forest lim mushroom grows only in primeval forest, most concentrated in Quang Nam. This fungus grows seasonally throughout the year, the number is not much. At the same time, green lim mushroom is difficult to exploit, difficult to preserve. Not to mention the fungus affected by the natural environment, worm borer or wood chisel due to age.

Forest red mushrooms have good medicinal ingredients, but not all mushrooms reach quality standards.

+ Note: Use Green Lim Mushroom To Treat Fatty Liver Effectively

Agroforestry Nong Lam

It comes green iron mushrooms Nong LamThis is not the type of iron mushrooms exploited from the natural primary forest. However, from the origin of the fungus or the growing conditions of the green iron mushrooms are studied similar to the natural environment.

There have also been claims that green lim mushroom cultivation has no medicinal properties for health. However, these are just the common cultivated green lim mushrooms or mushrooms made from another mushroom.

Green limestone mushroom nông lâm is a cultured mushroom of standard quality
Green limestone mushroom nông lâm is a cultured mushroom of standard quality

Nong Lam reishi mushrooms are cultivated but still ensure the medicinal value like natural reishi mushrooms.

5 characteristics of Nong Lam lim mushroom

The reason for agroforestry in Nong Lam is highly appreciated for its quality because of the following characteristics:

  • The origin of green lim mushroom is the most advanced, similar to forest green lim mushroom.
  • Sources of materials for growing reishi mushroom ensure quality requirements, carefully screened impurities.
  • High-tech farming model, built similar to the modern model of the leading countries in the industry of producing reishi mushroom.
  • The pre-processing, transplanting, rearing, tending and harvesting steps take place on time, performed with professional techniques under strict supervision.
  • After being harvested, the green lim mushroom is carefully processed, quality assured, preserves the medicinal ingredients and can be preserved for long term.

Is agrofin is good for agriculture?

With the outstanding features of agroforestry production process we provide above. Together with the quality standard certificate, tested by the Ministry of Health for food safety and hygiene. Nong Lam reishi mushroom is committed to being a very good health-promoting medicine.

Agroforestry Nong Lam has been tested for quality
Agroforestry Nong Lam has been tested for quality

Not only that, the agricultural technicians of Linh Chi Nong Lam are always fully updated with the best knowledge and skills in cultivating reishi mushroom. Therefore, each of the agroforestry mushrooms Nong Lam, delivered to customers, is guaranteed to be benign, safe for user health, and supports the treatment of many dangerous diseases.

+ Note: Using Reishi Mushroom Properly For Each Object

Is the price of agrofiber agroforam reasonable?

Currently, in the market, the price of Nong Lam green lim mushroom ranges from VND 4,000,000 / kg for whole ear and sliced.

Meanwhile, many places promote forest mushroom 100% but the price for 1 kg of mushrooms is only about 2,000,000 - 3,000,000 VND. It is the attractive invitations about the quality of forest green lim mushrooms at a cheap price that many customers have bought the wrong "green" mushroom.

High quality agronomic mushrooms with suitable price
High quality agronomic mushrooms with suitable price

In fact, green lim mushroom is quite rare and small in number. At the same time, to get 1kg of dried forest green mushrooms, it takes 3-4 kg of fresh mushrooms. Occasionally, a whole harvest season will only yield a few kilograms of dried mushrooms. Meanwhile, mushroom pickers must go to the depths of the forest, take a long time and meet the dangers. So, you feel that 1kg of natural green lim mushrooms cost from VND 2 - 3 million is worth the effort they spent?

To treat diseases and foster health with quality green iron mushrooms, you should be very wary in choosing a supplier. To buy high quality green iron mushroom, reasonable price and warranty, protect the interests of customers. You can contact us Ganoderma via address Thank you for following the article.

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