Green lim mushroom and Ganoderma are two types of rare medicinal herbs trusted by many people. Each type of mushroom possesses some beneficial properties for health. However, there are still many people wondering about whether to use green iron or lingzhi mushrooms. Today, Ganoderma will share to you 6 different points when compare reishi mushroom and lingzhi.

The basic features of Ganoderma

Ganoderma is a valuable medicine in Eastern Medicine, Ganoderma is the common name for 6 types of mushrooms such as: Green Ganoderma, Red Ganoderma, Yellow Ganoderma, White Ganoderma, Black Ganoderma, Black Ganoderma. In particular, experts have confirmed that Ganoderma red is the type with the strongest medicinal ingredients.

Ganoderma has many types
Ganoderma has many types

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The basic features of green lim mushroom

Green lim mushroom is also a high medicinal ingredient, as a "panacea" for health. Green lim mushroom only grows on green lim trees in primeval forests. Green lim mushroom in the wild has less and less number.

Green lim mushroom only grows on rotten green stems
Green lim mushroom only grows on rotten green stems

Compare the similarities of green limb and lingzhi

  1. Both reishi and lingzhi belong to the Ganoderma family.
  2. Two types of green lim mushroom and lingzhi have high medicinal properties, which are rare and precious herbs.
  3. When studying, experts have discovered that in both types of fungi have Germanium content.
  4. In terms of uses, green lim mushrooms and Ganoderma both support increased resistance, cool the liver, enhance the immune system.
  5. Ganoderma and ganoderma mushrooms can both be prepared by cooking water, soaking wine and stewing into soup.
Green lim mushroom and lingzhi have many similarities
Green lim mushroom and lingzhi have many similarities

+ Note: 3 The way to identify the mushroom is very simple

Compare the differences of green lim mushroom and lingzhi

Although Ganoderma or Ganoderma belongs to the family of Ganoderma and have many similar characteristics. However, when compared, the two types of mushrooms have quite a few differences:

  1. Development conditions vary

  • Ganoderma

+ Ganoderma is a fungus that can grow on many different types of wood.

+ Ganoderma is quite easy to grow, can grow in industrial culture conditions.

  • Green lim mushroom

+ Only the green ironwood has rotted, hollow in the new faction is where the green lim mushroom grows.

+ Green lim mushroom is distributed mainly in Quang Nam, in primary forests so it is small, difficult to find and exploit.

+ In the green lim mushroom has many special medicinal ingredients that other types of Ganoderma do not have.

Green lim mushroom has many special ingredients
Green lim mushroom has many special ingredients
  1. Mushroom shape

  • Ganoderma

+ Ganoderma has a regular shape, beautiful and glossy surface.

+ The upper surface of the mushroom is usually yellowish gray, quite thick and has a fine powder layer (Ganoderma spores).

+ Ganoderma is quite long, small mushroom cap.

  • Green lim mushroom

+ Natural green mushrooms or cultivated are rough, uneven shape.

+ The ear of green lim mushroom is a little glossy and pale yellow, the inside is smooth.

+ Some types of green lim mushroom will have a white border on the top of the mushroom cap.

+ The foot of mushrooms is quite short, uneven.

  1. Compare through taste

  • Ganoderma

+ Ganoderma is slightly bitter and easy to drink.  

+ Ganoderma when boiling in water will have a very characteristic aroma.

  • Green lim mushroom

+ When lim mushroom is normal to green, it has much more bitter taste than Ganoderma.

+ Green lim mushroom juice overnight will smell fishy like dried fish.

  1. Compare through the active ingredients

  • Ganoderma

+ In Ganoderma has the same active ingredient as green reishi mushroom, but medicinal properties are lower.

+ Ganoderma has welding properties, so it should not be used to support cancer treatment, only to nourish the body.

Ganoderma has lower medicinal properties than green lim mushroom
Ganoderma has lower medicinal properties than green lim mushroom
  • Green lim mushroom

+ In reishi mushrooms have a higher medicinal component than other types of lingzhi.

  1. Compare by price

Ganoderma is cheaper than green lim mushroom. Because green lim mushrooms have high medicinal properties, difficult collection.

  1. Compare through processing

  • Ganoderma soaked in wine very well, can be used for many different subjects.
  • Green lim mushroom can also be soaked, but people with liver, stomach, high blood pressure should not be used.

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