Books of traditional medicine from ancient times were considered Cordyceps is a complete rejuvenation medicine, rejuvenating the life force, has the effect of 'Helping the body, helping to fill the bone marrow, only bloody sputum', 'Helping the kidneys, supporting the organs', '' Yin and Yang , suffering illness body '; is a kind of medicine "Complementary medicine", can cure "Bach damaged." As the god of medicine that the ancient kings trusted

Here are some food remedies made from cordyceps

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Freshwater Fish Soup, Red Apple, Cordyceps
Ingredients: cordyceps 5g, freshwater fish 500g, red apples (seeded) 10 fruits, fresh ginger just enough.
Processing: Fish clean scales, remove internal organs, sliced ginger. Put all ingredients in a pot, bring water to boil just enough, simmer for 2 hours, then simmer. This dish has the effect of nourishing the kidney, strengthening the body, and toning the blood.

Cordyceps Stewed Pork With Pork Ribs:
Ingredients: 6 gr - 9 gr cordyceps (DTHT), ginseng, goji berries, dong quai (12 gr each) and a sufficient amount of pork ribs, with spices
Processing: all bring stew to eat during the day. This dish has the effect of fostering the body, fighting fatigue, losing strength, kidney damage tuberculosis, poor mental clarity, or forgetting ...

Cordyceps stew with goat meat:
Ingredients: 18 gr DTHT, half a kilogram of goat meat, 30 gr nostalgic paint, 15 gr goji berries, 4 slices of fresh ginger, 4 dates, and just enough spices.
Processing: Wash goat meat, cut (slightly larger), and then boil over deodorized water. DTHT, goji berries, dates, paint clean. Pour all of the same amount of water into the clay pot and cook until boiling, then lower the heat to simmer for 2 hours. Using both the water and the, a week can be used 2-3 times. Has the use of nocturnal treatment and active, dilute.

Cordyceps Stew With Evil Chicken

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Ingredients: 100g chicken meat evil, cordyceps 10g, nostalgic paint 30g, spices just enough.

Processing: All put into a stew pot, divided into several meals a day. Eat for 1 week. Uses for debilitating body, kidney
Cordyceps Tunnel With Quail
Ingredients: 2 quails, cordyceps 5 g.
Processing: Quail cleansing, put cordyceps and spices into the stomach, use sewing thread, place in a bowl, fill with water and then simmer for 60 minutes, eat during the day. weak, strong tendons, suitable for teenagers who develop slowly, skinny body.

Cordyceps and Cordyceps Soup:


Ingredients: 5g Cordyceps, 20g angelica, 20g nostalgic paint, rock sugar
Processing: Firstly take the cordyceps, angelica, skeptical powdered herbs into a fine powder, mix well and then put in the pot, add enough water and rock sugar, use a large fire to boil, then use a small fire to boil for about 10 minutes. Soup is usable, 2 times a day. This method has the effect of supplementing the kidneys with laxative, helping to repair the sperm, using the healing of damaged sounds, shortness of breath, tuberculosis, dry cough, anemia, sweating naturally and sweating theft, diem, impotence, back pain, knee pain, etc.

Cordyceps Congee Congee, Ky Duoc:
Ingredients: Cordyceps3g, 20g royal wonder, pharmaceutical paint 20g, glutinous rice 100g;
Processing: take the royal wonders into a medicine ladder, filter the residue to get water, then put cordyceps, medicinal herbs, glutinous rice into the medicine water to make porridge, eat in the morning and in the evening. This porridge works to improve the spleen, weakness, fatigue, fatty blood etc ...

Canh Nhan Nhan:

Processing using 5g Cordyceps, 100g seeded pecans, 1 evil chicken, red apple, fresh ginger just enough, enough water to add then braise. This soup has the effect of regulating yin and yang, nourishing blood, beauty, strengthening tendons, especially suitable for middle-aged women.

Cordyceps Tunnel With BaBa


Cordyceps quality University of Agriculture and Forestry City

Ingredients: 1 turtle (1 head, divided into 4 pieces), cordyceps 10 g, 10 apples (cut seeds), onions (cut), ginger (sliced), garlic (crushed) and just enough seasoning.
Processing: Boiled tortoise, then remove, cut off 4 legs, remove fat from feet, rinse, put into bowl with cordyceps, apples, ginger, onions, garlic and spices Steam in water for 2 hours. Eat during the day. This article can be used for both patients with liver and stomach cancer. Nephrotic kidney lung cancer.

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