Currently on the market there are many functional foods and valuable medicines, but none can match the cordyceps. Why Cordyceps has a nutritional value as well as high economic value so. Try it out!

Cordyceps bring high nutritional value

Why do people say cordyceps is expensive?

Currently, many people ask the same question "why cordyceps is so expensive" it comes from many reasons as follows: origin, cordyceps and nutrient content contained in cordyceps.

According to the source: 

Nature: Natural cordyceps are collected in mountainous areas, plateaus over 4000m to 5000m above sea level mainly found in some parts of Asia such as Tibet, Sichuan, Qinghai, Gansu, Yunnan. This cordyceps is very hard to find, so the price is high, worth up to 1-2 billion / 1kg dry.

Artificial: After researching, cordyceps are also cultured successfully in some countries such as Vietnam, USA, Korea ... because the nutrients and nutrients in cordyceps bring about health. artificial cordyceps are also quite expensive.

Cordyceps has been researched and cultured successfully in Vietnam

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According to the cordyceps:

Currently in Vietnam as well as the world there are many different types of cordyceps, very diverse and rich. Therefore, the price is also very different. In Vietnam, cordyceps is divided into the following forms

- Fresh whole cordyceps: This type is parasitized on silkworm pupae

- Dried Cordyceps: This type is parasitized on silkworm pupae

- Cordyceps fruit: With this kind, it is grown on synthetic substrate

- Fresh jars of cordyceps: Still keeping the vials being cultivated

- Cordyceps Cordyceps cold - hot drying

- Biomass powder of Cordyceps

According to the medicinal properties of cordyceps bring health

If you are wondering about the cost of cordyceps why it is so expensive, try to learn about the effects it brings. 

+ Strengthen, improve and support the blood circulation system. Prevention of diseases related to fatty blood, atherosclerosis.

+ Restoring and improving the function of weakened and impaired organs such as lungs, liver, heart, kidney ... preventing lung cancer, hepatitis, cirrhosis ...

+ Help regulate and lower blood sugar, help stabilize diabetes.

Cordyceps choice No. 1 for people with diabetes

+ Enhancing and supporting the regulation of internal activities of the body, strengthening the protection of the immune system, helping to eliminate and prevent the viruses that cause infection in the body: HIV, hepatitis B

+ Enhance the absorption and metabolism well for children with rickets, malnutrition, growth retardation, developmental delay.

+ Helps reduce skin aging process, balance female hormone

+ Improve physiology for both men and women 

+ Strengthen the body's resistance, prevent fatigue and body weakness in the sick

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Types of cordyceps in the world

As we know, cordyceps in the market with a variety of designs from products such as water, capsule, powder, dry, fresh ... makes customers wild. It is difficult to choose the best supplier, as well as the best Cordyceps.

As today, cordyceps is processed with many different methods to help bring the most convenience to consumers. Each type brings its own advantages. For the watery cordyceps form, it is easy to drink and absorb, this type is mainly used for children (over 5 years old) and the elderly. For capsule form is very handy, easy to store and use. Dried cordyceps is widely used to prepare nutritious dishes, so it can be said that all types of cordyceps have high nutritional value for good health.

Dried cordyceps, the number 1 choice for health

Some of the world famous cordyceps such as Tibetan cordyceps, American cordyceps, Korean cordyceps… These are cordyceps that have high nutritional value and also bring high nutritional value.

The above article has answered all questions about the question Why Cordyceps has a high price? However, cordyceps have many types and prices are also different to buy quality and cheap cordyceps please contact Ganoderma, the No. 1 unit of prestige and product quality.

Cordyceps With Health

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