Currently, the use of cordyceps to prepare food and drinks is being applied a lot by users. To meet the needs of human health, improve the quality of life. For men, cordyceps is an ideal companion in the life of sex. Here we will share how to soak wine with cordyceps, so that you can soak at home and still ensure the medical effect.

How to soak wine with cordyceps

Cordyceps cordyceps 

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Cordyceps wine has many good effects 

When it comes to alcohol, people will often think of men. Because most guys like it and use it a lot. Drinking alcohol has long been discouraged because it is unhealthy. But for wines made from cordyceps, the opposite is true. Not only does it not harm health, but it also supports the body to prevent and treat some extremely effective diseases. Typically as:

  • Erectile dysfunction, weak physiology, premature ejaculation, sperm, weak sperm are all diseases in men. These diseases reduce the ability to have children, make men lose confidence in their married life, and lead to many undesirable consequences.
  • Lumbago can be complicated into many dangerous diseases such as spinalization, spinal column, herniated disc ...
  • Knee pain affects activities in life, limits the ability to move, and is more dangerous than the risk of osteoarthritis.

Cordyceps alcohol has a good effect on health

Instructions on how to soak wine with cordyceps in accordance with traditional medicine standards

For the use of cordyceps liquor to be effective, you can apply some of the following methods:

  • The simplest method of soaking with cordyceps: just 100 grams of fresh cordyceps or 20-25 grams of dried cordyceps. Use 3 to 5 liters of alcohol with a concentration of about 40 degrees. Soak in thick glass jars, with lids on for about 30 days, then use.
  • Method of soaking cordyceps with cordyceps with goji berries: also use the rate of 100 grams of fresh cordyceps or 20-25 grams of dried cordyceps, 3 to 5 liters of wine 40 degrees, add 1 ounce of goji berries and soak similar like the method above. This method is also soaked for about 30 days is usable. The quality of the finished wine will have a very beautiful yellow color and the aroma is more attractive than the above method. Of course the effect of this type will also be more.
  • Method of soaking cordyceps with cordyceps with deer antler antler antler antler antler to choose the dry or fresh all have the same effect. Take 1 ounce of fresh cordyceps (or dried cordyceps with the equivalent of 25 grams), fresh deer velvet 3 or 1 ounce if using the dry type. This type can be soaked with 3-5 liters of alcohol with concentrations in the range of 40-50 degrees. Soak for 1 month to use can help enhance the physiology of both men and women extremely effective.

How to soak cordyceps liquor in accordance with medical standards 

+ Note: Correct Use of Cordyceps With High Efficiency

What kind of cordyceps should you use soaked in wine?

If you say the best cordyceps cordyceps is the natural cordyceps. However, this type is expensive, so experts always encourage users to use artificial cordyceps. Currently these artificial cordyceps have been cultivated in Vietnam. Scientists have confirmed that the nutrient content is comparable to natural cordyceps. And with the price dozens of times cheaper, is a condition for users to easily buy and use. 

Although it is said that cordyceps are not only one type, they have many different types such as: freshly-grown cordyceps, dried cordyceps, worms cultivated on silkworm pupae, or cordyceps on substrates. rice, coconut water .... However, any kind of cordyceps can be used to soak the wine. Still ensure effective when used. But the use of artificial cordyceps to soak alcohol depends on the financial capacity and economic status of the user. 

Cordyceps wine can be used every day from 1 to 2 glasses. However, for people with severe renal impairment and high blood pressure, it should not be used. Women who are pregnant or in the period of breastfeeding are also not allowed to use it. People with coagulopathy or people preparing for surgery absolutely do not drink cordyceps alcohol, in any case. 

With How to soak wine with cordyceps, according to oriental medicine standards above. Can help you to soak yourself a fine bottle of wine. With a much more economical cost when buying pre-soaked cordyceps wines. To have a bottle of wine that is of the right quality and of the best quality. You should choose to buy cordyceps that have been certified for quality, from competent agencies such as the Ministry of Health, the Department of Hygiene and Food Safety. These types are only sold in reputable units today. For example, Nong Lam Linh Chi is a unit that is being trusted by many people.

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