According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Chinh - member of the international reishi mushroom network, in order to identify good red reishi mushroom, it is necessary to analyze in detail the ingredients and essences of that lingzhi. However, the shape and color can tell a bit about the quality. Good red reishi mushrooms are not necessarily big but need to be thick and strong. Mushrooms should be 1 - 3cm thick, difficult to break into pieces when broken with your hands. With Ganoderma cooking water, should choose the type of diameter 7 - 25cm because at this time, mushrooms have not been completely wood, still more essences. When opening the package, the mushrooms must be fragrant, must not be moldy or moldy on both sides. In particular, delicious and tonic mushrooms must have the spore layer intact on the mushroom's face.


Prestigious Products Red Ganoderma is still thick in spore layer

With the price difference of 1/2 - 1/3 compared to genuine products, Ganoderma of unknown origin is sold in South Korea and sold popular online, Dong Xuan Market (Hanoi). If not observant, consumers can buy cheap reishi but poor quality due to long-term decay or have extracted active ingredients.


Chinese Ganoderma marks South Korea

The packaging says "made in Korea" but the seller claims this is a fraudulent Chinese product

Be careful of the 'fraudulence'

At Dong Xuan market (HN), just ask Ganoderma is that merchants specializing in dry food here offer 3.4 types to recommend. Ms. P. Dan, a small merchant specializing in selling herbal products here, said that Ganoderma currently has many different types. In addition to the types of Ganoderma imported from Korea and China, in Vietnam there are also Ganoderma grown and Ganoderma grown wild by people. According to Ms. Dan, Ganoderma Korea and China are very similar, so if not observant consumers are easily confused.

Bringing down to offer 3 different types of reishi, Ms. P. Dan looked at the PV asking, "What do you buy for?", When the PV answered that it was bought for use, she immediately whispered: "I have 3 types, 1 of which is packed in a bamboo tray looks very nice, price 700,000 VND / kg, 1 type is very "packaging", stamped Korean must be priced at 680,000 VND / kg and 1 kind of regular bag packing, This kind she sells more expensive because this is Ganoderma taken from Sapa sold 750,000 VND / kg. But I'm telling the truth, there are no genuine products, there are Chinese goods at all, if you buy on use, you should buy Ganoderma of Sapa for sure.

Asked the store owner about the packaging with the word "made in Korea" on the package of Ganoderma bags, Ms. Phan said, only the wrong buyer but the wrong seller, "the price per kg of reishi mushroom. genuine Korean costs also from 2.5 to 4.6 million / kg, here only sold by ½ even 1/3, of course not the standard then. Packaging is a small matter, people can even put words into the mushroom's body, but the packaging is believable ”, Ms. P. Dan frankly.

According to some other small businesses here, notebooks are also unreliable. Hong Thanh shop owner Hong Thanh said: “People can order, stamp Korean products just like genuine samples and sell them online, we here know the name so we know how to say the goods, the price is General price already, want to sell is not expensive. I even know someone who buys Chinese goods and then sells them for twice the price online, if anyone doesn't know how to buy them, then they all agree. When asked about the online shop that Ms. Hong mentioned, she refused to answer.

According to a survey of PV, Ganoderma labeled as Korean sold at Dong Xuan wholesale market also has many different types. Depending on the needs of the small business here advises for each type. Buying for gifts requires beautifully packaged products, while buying and selling must necessarily be packaged in genuine packaging. According to Ms. Dan's secret, the scrambling and packaging of rolls do not need to go to China, shippers buy reishi packaging and then return to Vietnam to make small packages.

Buying millions of mushrooms:

Uncle Vu Ngoc Truong (Alley 264 Hoang Hoa Tham, HN), who "got involved in a trick" when buying Ganoderma online. According to Mr. Truong said, listening to friends introduced the use of Korean reishi mushroom is very good, through acquaintances, he bought 1kg of reishi mushroom advertised as a portable item from Korea for 1.6. million dong.

However, Truong's mushroom is considered a fake and it is likely that the mushroom has been exhausted. In search of the truth, he sent the mushroom sample to a qualified friend thanks to the test, and the result of 1kg of Truong Linh's Ganoderma was just ... the mushroom.

"I was very surprised because the packaging looked very good, 100 Korean words were introduced to acquaintances ... who suspected it was a mushroom," said Truong.

Not only is Mr. Truong confused, nowadays, many places advertise to sell "forest" or "natural" Ganoderma but most are close species in Ganoderma or mushrooms of Phellinus, Fomes ... Natural reishi is not much due to exhaustion of exploitation from more than 20 years.

1kg Ganoderma labeled as Korean can cost 3 times more than Chinese mushrooms.

According to Ms. Pham Thanh Huyen, Head of Medicinal Resources Division, Institute of Medicinal Materials, Chinese Ganoderma has overflowed into Vietnam more and more. These mushrooms are in fact only corpses because all the nutrients and essences have been removed. Therefore, consumers should also note that it is possible to buy Ganoderma that has been extracted all nutrients, although the appearance has not changed.

According to Huyen, consumers should only buy red Ganoderma with clear origin and origin, professionally cultivated for its stable and effective quality. Ganoderma red good quality, the two sides are not weevils, the underside color from pale yellow to white. Turmeric underside turmeric yellow often not good, because it is not the natural color of mushrooms.

“Most of the old red lingzhi have lost their upper gloss. If you look closely, the mushrooms have round holes with the tip of a needle because of the borer. If you use this fungus, you are susceptible to allergies due to weevils and the droppings remaining in the mushroom. With poor quality Korean mushrooms, users often face the blue mold or the mold of areca flower causing abdominal pain and diarrhea. Therefore, when buying, consumers have to watch carefully to avoid buying quality goods, ”Huyen noted.


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