As far as we know, Cordyceps is a healthy herb. So Cordyceps with cholesterol in the blood like?

What is cholesterol? 

Cholesterol in blood

Cholesterol is a type of fat, which exists in the cell membranes of most body tissues. Cholesterol is moved by the blood plasma. When you eat more foods high in saturated fat, your liver will synthesize more cholesterol.

Cholesterol is found in animal fats, liver, butter, oil fried snacks, baked goods, shellfish, chicken, duck, french fries, shrimp, carbonated drinks ...

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Diseases related to excess cholesterol

Because our body synthesizes enough cholesterol to use it, the amount of cholesterol from the outside into the body is excess. If the amount of excess cholesterol is much, it will form fatty plaques on the walls of blood vessels. That will lead to irregular blood circulation. If the circulation is not uniform, the amount of oxygen that is not enough for the heart to function will not cause the heart to work. The lack of blood to the brain can easily lead to stroke.

It is worth mentioning that excess cholesterol has no signs to identify. Therefore, to prevent this disease, you need to eat scientifically and combine exercise regularly. To find out when you are at risk for excess cholesterol, keep an eye on your body readings.

A blood fat level between 200 and 239 is near excess, while a level of 240 is high in cholesterol and a risk for cardiovascular disease. In addition to causing cardiovascular diseases, there are some other diseases such as cancer, breast cancer, impotence ...

There has been much evidence to show that the harmful effects of excess cholesterol therefore we should have a proper diet. Every day just need to load 300mg of cholesterol or no. When studying this disease, scientists have discovered that cordyceps is an herb that works very well for people with excess cholesterol.

The use of cordyceps with cholesterol

From documents and research works of professor, doctor of chemistry, Dai Duy Ban on Cordyceps. He affirmed that Cordyceps cultured and processed in Vietnam supports good health and low cholesterol.

Cordyceps with cholesterol
Cordyceps lowers cholesterol

In cordyceps there are good substances for people with excess cholesterol such as: Cordycepin, Adenosine, Polysaccharide. These substances work to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood. When excess cholesterol is present, fatty plaques will form on the walls of blood vessels that cause blockage. Making it difficult to transport blood. The mechanism of action of these substances is to interfere with the synthesis of cholesterol and help the blood vessels elastic. Blood circulation reduces the risk of diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, headache ...

Cordyceps suitable for most subjects. Especially the elderly, people with low resistance, those who have recently become ill, those who are being treated for disease ... But do not overdo it but follow the doctor's instructions.

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Should use in combination with Cordyceps with what types?

In addition to using Cordyceps, we recommend that users combine to use some of the following fruits and herbs:

Combine the use of cordyceps with any food?

- Fresh apples: in this fruit, there are many pectin very good in reducing fat. We can squeeze, grind or eat directly.

Avocado: This fruit contains monounsaturated fat and sterols that help reduce cholesterol and prevent resorption.

- Garlic: Fresh garlic also works to reduce cholesterol in the blood and thin the walls of blood vessels. Garlic can be used directly at meals for best use.

- Legumes: These beans are high in soluble fiber.

There are also some foods like: Ginger, green tea, seeds of monounsaturated fat, olive oil, beeswax, ... also have a great effect on lowering cholesterol.

Buy Cordyceps Vietnam where quality assurance

It can be said that in recent years due to consumer demand, there are many shops selling Cordyceps. However, each place has a different price and origin. Therefore has made consumers difficult to choose. 

There are places where Cordyceps products of Tibet cost 2.5 billion / kg. Price is high, but consumers are not committed to quality.

Therefore, many doctors and researchers in Cordyceps make affirmations and recommend using Vietnam Cordyceps.

Products in Vietnam have modern farming and processing processes on par with the world. The most famous address Cordyceps Nong Lam. 

Certificate of the Ministry of Health food safety for cordyceps agricultural products

Cordyceps Nong Lam has surpassed hundreds of competitors to become the place to provide consumers with the best products. Always committed to the quality and process of farming and processing standards of health. Come with Cordyceps Nong Lam to protect the health of our family!

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