As a gift from nature, cordyceps has the ability to bring many great benefits. However, due to the extremely difficult exploitation, they are considered to be extremely precious and extremely rare traditional medicines. What is the price of cordyceps? Want to know exactly Is the price of cordyceps expensive?? These issues are very interested in cordyceps users. To answer the questions for the above questions, please join us in the article.

Answer questions whether cordyceps are expensive

Is the price of cordyceps expensive?

Cordyceps do not have a fixed price, they are categorized for specific prices. Currently on the market, Cordyceps costs only a few million and can reach several billion. People classified cordyceps by three factors: 

  • Origin: Natural cordyceps originating from Tibet, they are found on dangerous mountain peaks. The exploitation of natural cordyceps is extremely dangerous but very rare. So the price of this type is very high, should reach over 1 billion for 1kg of quality products. Perhaps only economically wealthy people can afford it. 
  • Classified by types: Cordyceps is very diverse in types. They are divided based on their own characteristics. Specifically such as fresh whole cordyceps, whole cordyceps, whole fresh cloves, whole dried cordyceps, dried, frozen cordyceps cordyceps fruit extract, hot paste, cordyceps mushroom ...
  • Classification according to the content of pharmaceutical substances: inside each cordyceps contains different pharmaceutical content. The factors that make up this pharmaceutical content will depend on the geographical location, farming methods, and extracts of each type.

Cordycepin is the active ingredient used to assess the economic value of each cordyceps. Usually people will rely on the Cordycepin ratio to set the price. 

Cordyceps are priced by each type

+ Note: Correct Use of Cordyceps With High Efficiency

Cordyceps cultured in Vietnam

Also because of the reason that there are many obstacles, the number of exploits is not as high as mentioned above. Currently, there are a number of countries in the world such as the US, Japan, South Korea, China, Thailand and even Vietnam that have successfully researched and cultivated cordyceps. Aims to bring health protection products to consumers, with the cheapest price possible. 

In Vietnam, there have been many units investing in farming technology with extremely strict process, to ensure the quality of cordyceps throughout the culture period until harvesting. There are two common types of cordyceps culture: type 1 is based on grain and cereal nutrients. Type 2 is cultured on young larvae - also known as silkworm pupae. Either way, the cordyceps must have the optimal quality to be eligible for market launch.

Cordyceps has been cultivated successfully in Vietnam

Buy Cordyceps where to get cheap prices and quality?

Why are we advised by experts to grow cordyceps in culture? Because of these artificial cordyceps, it has been proven that the nutrient content is equivalent to that of natural cordyceps. Moreover, the price to buy artificial cordyceps is also much cheaper. This can help users easily buy and use the product in the best way. 

Actual purchase of cordyceps today is not difficult. You can easily find the best business address in Cordyceps without much effort. However, when buying cordyceps must choose reputable units, specific unit headquarters, accurate, with product certification. Absolutely do not choose to buy in places where there is no origin, clear information. Avoid money loss disability, financial loss is not worth. 

+ Note: Reasons Should Choose Buy Cordyceps Agroforestry

Nong Lam Linh Chi has been certified as a unit specializing in the production and trading of cordyceps. Certification of high quality standards. Certification to ensure food hygiene and safety. The same goes for some other important papers. Proven that Nong Lam Linh Chi is a reputable unit that users should choose

Cordyceps helps people improve health and maintain a supple body. Prevent the growth of pathogens. Cordyceps also have beauty benefits, prevent aging. As informed in the article, the unit Ganoderma is the address that provides quality cordyceps with reasonable prices, absolutely not too expensive. So we can buy and use peace of mind, but no longer have to think about is the price of cordyceps expensive?

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