According to research by experts, Cordyceps brings a lot of great effects to human health but besides it also has disadvantages and limitations. Join us to learn more about cordyceps offline!

Cordyceps and wonderful things to bring

Classification of cordyceps like?

  • Sort by origin: 

Natural Cordyceps: Types of cordyceps are harvested on highlands of over 4000m in China such as Tibet, Sichuan

Artificial cordyceps: After a period of researching the cordyceps grown in production research plants with artificial cordyceps in the US, Korea, Vietnam ...

Cordyceps are cultured in Vietnam

  • Classification by processing method:

Cordyceps is classified according to the following processing methods such as dried filament cordyceps, fresh cordyceps, powdered pulp, whole, and capsule forms.

  • Classified by local origin:

Famous Cordyceps such as Tibetan Cordyceps, Vietnamese Cordyceps, Korean Cordyceps, American Cordyceps, Japanese Cordyceps, Chinese Cordyceps 

+ Note: 3 things to know about natural cordyceps

Effects of cordyceps on human health

  • For endocrine system: Cordyceps helps support and restore kidney function and prevent a number of related diseases such as kidney failure, weak kidney, kidney stones ... At the same time, Helps enhance physiological ability, improve functional impairment sexual, reduced libido, infertility for both men and women.
  • For the immune system: Cordyceps has the effect of enhancing immune activity in the body, moreover it also helps regulate the response of lymphocytes.
  • For the circulatory system, heart: Speaking of good products for the circulatory system, we should use cordyceps, it helps reduce cholesterol in the blood while increasing brain blood circulation, stabilizing and correcting cardiac arrhythmia, improving blood pressure.
  • For respiratory system, lungs: The lungs are muscles The most vulnerable organs in the body, so we need to use cordyceps to help the body stay healthy, improve fatigue, and weakness.
  • Beauty for women: Women after the age of 25 and postpartum the skin aging process takes place quickly. Therefore, to slow the aging process of the skin, regenerate the skin full of vitality, reduce dullness, wrinkles, please use cordyceps.

Cordyceps herbal medicine No. 1 for men

The downside of cordyceps you should know

As we all know Cordyceps brings a lot of great things to human health. However, it still has some disadvantages:

Natural cordyceps:

The price is quite high, it is difficult to buy and it is difficult to choose a reputable and quality selling address  


When stewed with meat or ribs should fit water, stew with earthen pot is only about 1 hour to avoid the condition of the tunnel for too long will cause loss of some nutrients in cordyceps, do not promote the effect effectively. most fruit

Fresh Cordyceps:

  • The shelf life is not long: because this is a fresh food and contains a certain amount of water if not stored, it is easy to spoil. Products are recommended by experts to use within 2-3 weeks.
  • Storage conditions: Certain products must be stored in the refrigerator during use to avoid being damaged, damaged, or infiltrated by pathogenic bacteria.

Watery cordyceps:

It must take perseverance within a few months to get the effect you want. When using should pay attention to the dose, if overdose causes insomnia, epistaxis. 

Note that when using all types of cordyceps, you should not eat hot, fried foods that are greasy. Especially for women on menstruation should not be used, not for children under 5 years old.

+ Note: Is Cordyceps Really Good?

Buy Cordyceps where both quality and good price?

There are many cordyceps products on the market today, but choosing a good product is not easy. We would like to introduce to you Ganoderma reputable unit No. 1, specializing in distributing and supplying cordyceps well, has been certified by the Ministry of Health for food safety and hygiene.

Food safety and hygiene certificate of Linh Chi Nong Lam

Thus the article has provided all the useful information for readers about Cordyceps. Please choose a reputable unit to own quality products, bring the most effective and effective.

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