Those of us must have heard the name Cordyceps. And know it as a high quality rare herbs and has a miraculous effect on health. Dubbed the soft gold of Tibet, Cordyceps favored by many consumers. One of its great effects is that protect the heart. Cordyceps is extremely effective in protecting the heart. Science today has proven that this precious herb functions very well in support cardiovascular treatment.

Cordyceps extremely effective cardiovascular protection

Learn about cardiovascular disease?

In Vietnam, an average of 1 to 4 people will have a cardiovascular risk. Is a type of heart disease, blood vessels such as heart attack, heart failure, myocarditis, coronary artery disease.

The disease will lead to atherosclerosis. This means that fat is deposited in the artery. As a result, the artery area declines and there is a risk of a complete block. Until atherosclerosis affects the main artery, it is a major cause of heart attacks, strokes, stroke, peripheral arteries and can even lead to death.

Learn about cardiovascular disease

When signs of an illness appear, you need a timely parallel treatment that needs to nourish the body with rare herbs to prevent and reduce the severity of the disease.

One of the rare and precious herbs for heart disease studied by modern medicine is Cordyceps. The rare pharmaceuticals such as Adenosine found in Cordyceps are extremely effective in treating cardiovascular diseases. So what are the great effects that it brings specifically?

+ Note: Great Effects Of Cordyceps On Women

What is the effect of cordyceps on the heart??

Contains up to 17 types of amino acids, vitamins and many essential nutrients for the body. Especially the adenosine substance in Cordyceps, it is involved in the neurotransmitter metabolism process. Has a very good role for the heart, namely:

- Stable heart rate: Adenosine has effects on stabilizing heart rate by mechanism of slowing the conduction of AV node to help stabilize tachycardia, help stabilize heart rate.

- Prevent atherosclerosis: Cordyceps accelerate the metabolism of cholesterol and triglycerides in the liver. Lowers cholesterol in the blood. Increasing the ratio of good cholesterol helps to prevent plaque formation in the blood vessels. This is scientists tested and clinical observations have concluded: "Cordyceps users will maintain cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood at normal levels".

- Limiting blood clotting to reduce the risk of complications: Cordyceps inhibits the formation of blood clots at the first stage. Blood clots of various sizes will cause unpredictable effects. If a blood clot becomes trapped in a coronary artery or a brain blood vessel, it will lead to an embolism of the cerebral ischemia which can result in death if the patient fails to give emergency treatment at the right time. The use of cordyceps can completely assure the risks of blood clotting.

- Helps stabilize blood pressure: Cordyceps reduces blood pressure in patients with a history of hypertension through the muscarinic receptor effect of the parasympathetic nerve.

- Protection of heart health: helps increase the activity of the heart than other treatments. Patients with heart failure will have manifestations such as fatigue, lack of energy, ... Cordyceps helps replenish many nutrients to help patients enhance physical strength, mental stability, stabilize heart function.

Cordyceps protect heart
Cordyceps is good for the heart

How to use Cordyceps protects heart

Currently, there are common types of cordyceps on the market: tablets, water, dried forms.

- For water and tablet form: This is the processed form you can use directly without any preparation or adding any other ingredients. Use according to the dosage instructions on the package or at the instructions of purchase.

- For drying form: There are many ways to use this form effectively

+ Eat directly: Rinse in warm water of 30 degrees C, continue to soak in hot water from 60-70 degrees C until soft and eat directly.

+ Use to soak the wine: You can combine with herbs like ginseng, velvet antler ... to increase the value and improve health.

+ Processing food: Cordyceps in stew with meat or porridge.

+ Use braking tea: You can add ginseng and add honey to make it easier to drink and increase the use.

+ Cordyceps soaked with honey and use in the morning before eating.

Cordyceps soaked with honey

+ Note: Cordyceps Works Great For The Sick And Helps To Gain Weight

Buy reputable cordyceps where?

With great uses for cardiovascular and human health. Cordyceps is a favorite precious herb. Therefore, there are many types of cordyceps products in the market today, which are of poor quality and labeled with genuine goods, but products of Tibetan origin cannot be controlled. 

Prof. Pham Hung Cung - Former Director of the Traditional Medicine Department (Ministry of Health) also said: “Most of the current conception is that cordyceps originated from Tibet and has a high price, fluctuating. from VND 1-2 billion / kg ”. So to avoid money loss, you should use quality cordyceps products grown in Vietnam. Reasonable price but still full of rare pharmaceuticals like natural.

Cordyceps of Linh Chi Nong Lam

Linh Chi Nong Lam specializes in providing quality cordyceps standards of quality safety. Cordyceps of Linh Chi Nong Lam is a product trusted by many customers and evaluated by experts as a product with a high nutrient content. Meet all food hygiene and safety standards of the Ministry of Health. 

Above are the sharing of the problem Cordyceps protect the heart. Hope this article has helped you and your loved one have more knowledge about how cordyceps is good for the heart. Please continue to follow the next article to add more knowledge about Cordyceps Please.

Cordyceps With Health

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