Dubbed the precious herb "cure all diseases", Cordyceps sought after by medical practitioners for its healing properties. In particular, recently the need to use cordyceps remedies has received a lot of attention from people.

However, a lot of people worry about issues like buying Cordyceps where reputation, where to buy genuine quality products, how reasonable prices ... To answer the questions above, in this article we will provide specific price list to customers, the total Multi sources and have the highest accuracy. Let's refer to offline!

Factors affecting the price of cordyceps

Cost of any kind Cordyceps Whichever depends on the origin and nutritional content of that cordyceps.

The source of cordyceps in the market today is extremely rich such as Tibet, USA, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam ... 

Depending on natural conditions and environmental factors, cordyceps have different quality and price. 

Cordyceps cordyceps

+ Note: Why Cordyceps Are So High In Prices

Pharmaceutical substances in cordyceps

Depending on many factors, the medicinal properties in cordyceps will be different.

Which highlights the following factors:

  • Farming method
  • Development environment
  • Extraction of cordyceps.

 Therefore, different units will produce cordyceps products with different pharmacological content.

Genuine cordyceps how much?

On the market today, cordyceps products appear in many different forms such as powder, dried or whole.

So how much does cordyceps cost?

Cordyceps in Tibet grows and grows in high mountains, year-round covered with Tibetan snow, so the exploitation and harvest are extremely difficult. Many products of Tibetan cordyceps are up to 2 billion / 1 kg. This is considered the highest value and most valuable to date.

Cordyceps artificial Vietnam Commonly used today. The artificial parasitic cordyceps culture in larvae larvae will have a high price, so it is 10 times more about 200 million / 1kg. 

In addition, users can use Vietnamese artificial cordyceps preparations in the form of water or pills for a few hundred to several million dong.

Korean Cordyceps as well as many of the above types depending on the production and nutritional components contained in cordyceps, the price of these products sold on the market will not be much different, in the next few hundred price range. several million VND.

In addition, the products Cordyceps powder or dried is an affordable form, suitable for most customers with average income and long-term use. The price of this type ranges from a few hundred to several million VND, depending on the brand and the amount of medicine calculated on the product.

Natural fresh cordyceps 
Natural fresh cordyceps

Types of cordyceps Depending on the use as well as the origin, the nutrient content varies, so it has a great influence on the cost of the cordyceps.

+ Note: Cordyceps Helps With Weight Gain

Why should choose Cordyceps sinensis in Linh Chi Nong Lam?

Ganoderma is a brand with long-standing experience in precious herbs. In particular, cordyceps Nong Lam understands the value that cordyceps bring to health, resistance as well as the disease treatment value of precious herbs. 

Cordyceps Nong Lam specializing in supplying to the market cordyceps fungus with high effect, giving a marked effect for treatment, strengthening the immune system (strengthening humoral, preventing viruses, preventing cancer .. ), Mannitol content helps reduce blood fat, atherosclerosis to the miraculous use in hormonal regulation, recovery, reduce symptoms of chronic nephritis, impotence, fatigue, osteoarthritis pain ....

Cultivated on a strict process, Cordyceps in Agriculture and Forestry reached the quality of prestigious and high-quality products sought by many people.

Can see in Cordyceps in Nong Lam Has great effect for human health. Having undergone a careful cultivation, preparation process, applying modern technology to help prepare pharmaceuticals or choosing and taking care of cordyceps to give customers the The product reaches 100% in terms of quality and reasonable price.

With strict inspection procedures, Linh Chi Nong Lam is one of the reputable companies that have received inspection certificates, safe and high quality food product declarations recommended by many experts. 

Certificate of compliance with food safety regulations for cordyceps in Nong Lam

Besides, Cordyceps cultured in Vietnam now meets the standards of farming as well as its medicinal value. In Vietnam, the brandcordyceps tumors are taken care of in a closed chain so that the types of high nutritional content are also currently preferred by the majority of customers today.

An extremely rare herb Cordyceps The price is not small. Consumers need to carefully choose the exact product and genuine Cordyceps in Nong Lam is The unit provides quality reputation with the most reasonable price on the market. Please quickly contact us to own the most reputable and genuine Cordyceps!

Cordyceps With Health

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