Cordyceps is a rare herb from ancient times passed down from China and is popularly used in Oriental medicine because of its beneficial effects on human health. Today, this product is also very sought after for its use in helping to eat well, sleep well and increase vitality. But to avoid being bought counterfeit goods, counterfeit products affect your health will introduce you guys Cordyceps Mongolia brand Used by lots of people. 

Introduction to cordyceps in the buttocks

Mongolia has been established for a long time in the Middle East, although it was originally a family company, it has been developed from generation to generation with many advanced and modern changes. its original identity. And throughout the years of operation, the company has developed a wide network throughout the countries such as the US, Vietnam, Canada, Korea, China ...   

Ingredients of the drug: Including nutrients such as Valerian Root Extract, Perilla Leaf Extract, GLA (Gamma Linoleic Acid), Cordyceps Extract ... 

A well-known Mongolian brand 
A well-known Mongolian brand   

Product Description

Products from Eastern medicine have mild medicinal properties, can be used for all sexes, ages. With the function of nourishing the body, increasing resistance, eliminating sputum, lung, toning, kidney ... Especially, it can be used for people who are undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy or in the process of treatment. surgery, resuscitation for patients, insomnia, overwork, physiological weakness, stress ... help users eat well, sleep well, enhance resistance, enhance physiological capacity, enhance liver function and detoxify. 

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The quality of products

- Cordyceps, scientific name is Cordyceps sinensis: A fungus capable of living on parasites on the caterpillar (butterfly winged insect). They live in harmony with each other. In the winter these worms will lie on the ground, the fungus will grow on the worm's entire body, suck nutrients from the worm to grow, and the worm will die. In the summer, this fungus produces a lice (stronia) sprouting buds out of the ground but its base is still attached to the worm. When harvesting them, worms and mushrooms are taken for use. According to Oriental Medicine Cordyceps sinensis is a supplement that has few side effects for users or in other words, self-improvement of goodness. More specifically, support for the treatment of malignant (suspected) illnesses or the debilitation of many bodily functions (panacea) or complications. 


- GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid): One of the essential fatty acids for the body (EFA) in Omega-6 group that the body cannot synthesize. These fatty acids are essential for the normal functioning of the brain and for the development of bones, hair, skin and the whole body, for the regulation of maintenance and reproduction. 


Kidney: Helps the kidneys not to degenerate. In the case of kidney damage due to anemia, cordyceps will have a protective function on the kidneys. And against the side effects of western medicine when long-term use. Thanks to the excretion of sweat, the kidneys can be reduced. 

Lungs: Enhances respiratory ability, reduces symptoms such as bronchial allergies, asthma, tracheitis and is especially effective with symptoms of long-lasting cough that does not go away. 

Effective with body rehabilitation 
Effective with body rehabilitation

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Immune system: There is cordyceps polysaccharide in cordyceps helps strengthen the immune system for the body, helps fight germs that cause disease. Strengthen immune cell capacity, regulate specific immunity. 

Improve health and nourish the body after the illness. In cordyceps there are amino acids that help regulate the metabolism, quickly restore the body, reduce fatigue, anorexia after curing. Cordyceps features nursing and improvement. There is also a positive effect, improving the physiological weakness. 

Quick recovery 
Quick recovery

Regulating blood pressure: Cordyceps also contains mannitol, which contains many diosmol against bruising, arteriosclerosis, dilated blood vessels and increased blood circulation. Anti-ischemic.  

You should use as directed by your doctor if you are in the process of treatment or if you are a normal person who wants to replenish your energy, you should use 1-2 times a day and 1-2 tablets each time. 1 box with a capacity of 60 capsules originated from Mongolia (the birthplace of Cordyceps). Just tell you how reliable and reputable the use and brand are Cordyceps Mongolia brand. Hope you have both useful and necessary information. Helps your body as well as your loved one become healthier day by day.

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