Recently, it has been reported that many people suffering from cancer through drinking lingzhi have been cured. In fact, many people have come to an address in Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City, but the price is exorbitant 1,000 USD / kg and it takes 10-30kg to cure the disease.

Mr. P.Đ.DĐ on Le Duc Tho Street, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City suffers from diabetes and hypertension. Through acquaintances introduced, Mr. Tho came to Ms. A. to ask to buy but she did not sell but only ceded for $ 1,000 / kg. Because the drug is too expensive and it takes about 10kg to cure the illness, Mr. Tho does not buy it. After that, he found some ancient Ganoderma lucidum, big and long for 400,000 VND / kg.


Can Lingzhi cure cancer?        Ganoderma is better grown than Ganoderma Lucidum
Mushroom LinhChi Ancient          Lingzhi farming


Not only Mr. Tho, but also many people come to Ms. A. to buy ancient Ganoderma (natural reishi mushroom). Mrs. A. introduced to the guests the "miracle medicine: this can cure diseases. She herself also thanks to drinking Ganoderma, the liver cancer in the final stage has completely recovered. She also advised patients not to use Ganoderma outside because it is ineffective, her mushrooms are hundreds of years old and taken on deserted islands of Thailand or as far as Solomon Islands.

According to many people's reflection, currently there are not only Mrs. A. but also Ms. T. in Ton That Thuyet Street, District 4, Company N. in Phu Nhuan District also sells some kinds of reishi mushrooms. Chi, including ancient Ganoderma at exorbitant prices.


What is ancient Ganoderma?

According to Master Co Duc Trong, Central Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company No. 2, this is a very strong wood-burning fungus, which has a long life. It has the scientific name Ganoderma Applanatum.

Ganoderma is fan-shaped, sessile, earth brown to dark brown, dark black, growing near the ground or sometimes on the trunk. Fungi have both saprophytic and parasitic properties. This is the most common mushroom in the world. Currently, studies in the world about ancient Ganoderma show no place to grow this mushroom for medicinal or food purposes.

Mr. Trong added that, on the market, many products are processed from Ganoderma, while mushrooms growing wild in the forests of Vietnam are mostly not true ganoderma, the quality is unstable, toxins cannot be controlled Wild growth does not analyze microorganisms that can adversely affect user health.


The real effect of ancient mushrooms Ganoderma?

According to TS. Xuan Tham, Head of the Department of Nuclear Biotechnology and Nuclear Agriculture of Vietnam Atomic Energy Institute, ancient Ganoderma is different from Ganoderma Lucidum, which is very large in size, has a long life, may be several decades, and has not been studied. save a lot. Standard Ganoderma (Vietnamese Lingzhi is cultivated in a closed way) has a lot of active ingredients but ancient Ganoderma materials up to now are very few.

If said ancient Ganoderma was brought from Solomon or any remote archipelago, in fact those islands of Ganoderma resources are dozens of times poorer than Vietnam. The price of standard reishi or flexible and elaborate reishi products from Japan is only $ 200-400. The use of ancient Ganoderma must be studied for a long time. Standard Ganoderma currently supports treatment with other modern scientific methods to achieve high efficiency.

Lingzhi Korea and Vietnam studied have good medicinal properties. However, you must choose a reputable place to avoid buying counterfeit and all kinds of Lingzhi while spores (the chalk layer on the ears of Mushrooms) are the best. Still should see Ganoderma is a good tonic that helps support the cancer treatment process to achieve better results.

                                                                                                            (According to Youth)

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