The liver is an organ that helps digest food and removes harmful substances from the body. The early warning signs and symptoms of liver cancer are not easy to spot because liver cancer symptoms are similar to some liver diseases.
Most cancers that affect the liver come from somewhere else, then metastasize to the liver.


Images of liver cancer in different locations

In the early stages of liver cancer, the patient does not experience any noticeable symptoms. Certain risk factors, such as excessive alcohol use, being overweight, or being infected with hepatitis B or hepatitis C, may increase a patient's risk of developing liver cancer. Patients with questions or concerns related to liver cancer should contact their doctor for further instructions, reviews and care.


Symptoms can be found in the early stages in patients with liver cancer

1. Weight Loss

One of the earliest signs of liver cancer is weight loss. This can happen no matter how much you eat and whether you are trying to diet or not. It may also occur because of another early sign, which is a loss of appetite. However, not every weight loss is a liver cancer, but should understand this is one of the possible signs in people with liver cancer.

2. Abdominal pain or swelling

The liver is an organ located inside the upper right part of the abdomen and is responsible for the production of certain digestive-related enzymes, such as bile. Cancer cells can cause irritation and hepatitis, which can cause this organ to swell. As a result, patients with liver cancer who may experience mild abdominal pain or abdominal swelling are a symptom of the disease, explains the American Cancer Society. The early warning signs and symptoms of liver cancer may become progressively worse because of this progressive disease. If you have persistent abdominal pain seek medical attention from a doctor as this symptom may be a sign of other health problems.

3. Stomach disorder

Patients with liver cancer may have stomach ache as an early warning sign of the disease. The affected patient may become abnormally nauseous and may begin to vomit or lose appetite. These gastrointestinal symptoms may contribute to a decreased appetite in some patients, which can lead to unintended weight loss.

4. Jaundice

Cancer cells in the liver can affect the normal function of the organ. As a result, bile can begin to accumulate in the patient's body. If this happens, liver cancer patients may develop an abnormal jaundice or white of the eye. This skin pigmentation is an early sign of liver cancer called jaundice. Affected patients must seek immediate medical attention for jaundice that can lead to serious medical complications if left untreated.

5. Flu-like symptoms

Flu-like symptoms may give rise to early symptoms of liver cancer in certain patients. The affected patient may have fever, muscle weakness, excessive fatigue or anorexia, explained by medical experts at the University of California San Francisco Medical Center. Fever symptoms can also cause headaches, chills or sweating in the affected patients. Flu-like symptoms may be a sign of an alternate infection and the affected patient should consult a doctor for further care.

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The use of Ganoderma in supporting the treatment of liver cancer and other types of cancer

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Dr. Hieu recommends reishi mushroom daily as a drink to help prevent and support the treatment of liver cancer as well as hepatitis, hypertension, diabetes, HIV ...

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