But not necessarily "good" at all; Being a natural product, it also contains many potential risks. We talk about "Ganoderma", in this world there are many different types of mushrooms, it is dangerous if you use them after taking them without being studied as well as other products grown at home.


The first is about the price:

Definitely "Ganoderma forest"Will be more expensive"Ganoderma home”By a common sense, A forest trip to find mushrooms often has to be in groups, because sacred forests are poisonous with many dangers lurking so people cannot go alone. To start the trip, one has to prepare a whole week in advance with all the items: clothes, food, food, medicine for a week-long trip to the whole month in the forest. A trip like that, the cost of a few million plus the efforts of the paint worker so it is easy to understand why natural mushrooms are so expensive.

Quality and characteristics, uses:

Speaking of nature, the characteristics and the use are not necessarily ...

Ganoderma found is not necessarily Ganoderma : Ganoderma and other fungi have relatively similar shapes, fungi can share the same genus but different species, it is very difficult to distinguish. If you want to conclude whether it is really Ganoderma, then it is necessary to go through a laboratory survey, the differentiation of Ganoderma to researchers must also go through this step to be able to confirm.


Ganoderma grows in nature very little and extremely rare so when you see Ganoderma will surely be picked and immediately, this can not avoid the problem that the mushroom is young or too old .. not sure It took time for the mushrooms to grow to the best quality. In addition, Ganoderma grows in the wild and will be attacked by molds and microorganisms that affect the quality of Ganoderma. And one more thing that is different geography climate, the quality of Ganoderma will also vary.

About Ganoderma cultivation

Ganoderma grows Nong Lam university

- Ganoderma is also originated from Ganoderma, but researchers have selected, collected ... to get the best commercial Ganoderma.

- The quality of Ganoderma is always good and stable because according to a carefully cultivated and protective cultivation process, mushrooms grow well and do not have any mold diseases ... Moreover, mushrooms are guaranteed to be harvested in time. points and properly preserved Ganoderma is preserved long term and quality assurance.

=> If you have heard of Ganoderma from nature, it is just Ganoderma grown by the method of the ground and next to the natural vegetation but absolutely no natural mushrooms. Because in the end, the rice is also grown from nature, not where we go to gather it.


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