Cordyceps has long been considered a rare medicinal ingredient with many amazing effects on health. Together with studies of Eastern and Western Medicine, it has been shown that cordyceps not only helps the body to strengthen the resistance, nourish the body but also helps prevent some dangerous diseases, especially for humans. old. The following article will give you information about Effects of cordyceps on the elderly. Stay tuned!

Introducing cordyceps 

Cordyceps (international name Cordyceps sinensis) is an herb whose essence is the parasitic form of a fungus that lives on the larvae of a butterfly. Due to the fungi that come from the parasite, cordyceps contains rare medicinal properties.

Cordyceps contains 17 different amino acids, trace elements, bioactive substances and many vitamins. In a scientific study demonstrated in 100g Cordyceps with 0.12g vitamin B12, 29.19 mg vitamin A, 116.03 mg vitamin C, in addition to vitamin B2, vitamin E, vitamin K ... and Many vitamins are essential for the human body.

Cordyceps contains 17 different types of amino acids

+ Note: Who Should Use Cordyceps

Cordyceps effects of the elderly

Cordyceps is considered a panacea for the prevention, formation of dangerous diseases in the elderly. Besides, cordyceps has the effect of improving resistance, anti-aging, increasing longevity.

  • Cordyceps has the purpose of enhancing oxygen to enhance health, fight cell oxidation and increase the ability to improve resistance against fatigue in the elderly.
  • For men or women in the age of 55 using cordyceps can balance hormones, enhance physiology.
Cordyceps with the elderly
Cordyceps improve health
  • Those who regularly use damaged tobacco, cordyceps have the effect of restoring damaged cells.
  • Cordyceps helps to strengthen the lungs, fight asthma, acute and chronic bronchitis, people with long-term cough, pneumonia ...
Cordyceps is good for the lungs, damaged cell regeneration
Cordyceps is good for the lungs, damaged cell regeneration
  • In addition, the elderly will have a high incidence of cardiovascular disease, so use it Cordyceps with the elderly to prevent and support treat these diseases extremely effectively.

Thus, it can be seen that the use of cordyceps helps elderly people not only improve their health and spirit but also help the body fight pathogens in the body. 

Doctors recommend that the elderly should maintain the use of cordyceps extract to increase health and longevity.

Instructions for using cordyceps in the elderly

Cordyceps should be kept fresh or dried with the following common uses:

Method 1:

Prepare materials:

  • Cordyceps
  • Pineapples and other medicinal herbs, if any 

Implementation Guide:

  • Wash the cordyceps mushrooms and dry them.
  • After drying, spread into a fine powder.
  • Other ingredients are sliced or left to boil together with filtered water in a medium pot.
  • Lust until the water in the pot is still 1/2, then use.

Use every morning, noon and night, every day.

Method 2:

Prepare materials:

  •  Cordyceps
  • White wine 

Implementation Guide:

  •  Cordyceps wash thoroughly in a glass jar and cover.
  •  Add wine to cover the wine soaked.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

 Each use about 20ml corresponding to 1 small cup daily use 2 to 3 times after eating or before going to bed.

Method 3:

Prepare materials:

  •  Cordyceps mushroom
  •  Lean meat / quail / chicken

Instructions on how to:

  •  Clean prepared meat / quail / chicken and cordyceps mushrooms
  • Sliced to taste, put the mushroom meat in the pot and stir well to taste.

With this dish, you can use it daily.

+ Note: Cordyceps Is Essence Extract Good?

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Reishi Agriculture and Forestry announced clean, international quality products CCI
Reishi Agriculture and Forestry announced clean, international quality products CCI

Above is the great use of Cordyceps for the elderly which we have provided for you. Please choose for yourself the types of cordyceps reputable, quality and do not forget to share the above useful information with friends and relatives!

Cordyceps With Health

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