It can be said that thanks to the wonderful uses that cordyceps bring to human health. Therefore, more and more consumers prefer this precious herb. Today, with the continuous development of science and technology, people have succeeded in cultivating Cordyceps including Vietnam. So the way Cordyceps cultivation what. Let's find out the literature on cordyceps farming through the following article.

Cordyceps cultivation

The reason why cordyceps is researched and cultivated is popular today

Before being successfully cultivated in countries around the world in general and Vietnam in particular. Cordyceps is known as a fungus that grows in the highlands with elevations above 4000m above sea level. They have the scientific name of Cordyceps sinensis symbiotic on the larvae body of genus Hepialus.

Since ancient cordyceps is a rare herb that is hunted to improve health, treat disease. Until now, cordyceps is increasingly concerned by the miraculous effects on health that rare herbs have.

However, natural cordyceps are now very rare, and at a very high price, not everyone can afford to use this medicine. You can even buy fake goods on the market because of their rarity and small quantity.

Facing increasing demand, so by the advancement of science and technology, people have successfully researched and cultivated artificial cordyceps.

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What is the standard cordyceps culture method?

Cultivation of artificial cordyceps is quite elaborate so that they can develop well in the market, requiring careful preparation of breeding rooms, raw materials and seed sources.

What factors affect the development of Cordyceps?

Breeding quality

Similar to planting trees, in order to get the best quality cordyceps, the choice of healthy varieties is extremely important.

Temperature of culture environment

For farming to be successful and successful, we need to prepare the appropriate environment. This is considered as a prerequisite factor affecting the results of successful farming or not. Should invest a professional farming room system with modern equipment to facilitate the control of environmental temperature.

Culture techniques

Cultivation in cordyceps needs to be meticulous, patient and fully equipped with certain knowledge.In the whole process of cultivation, they must be constantly monitored to promptly eliminate poor quality seeds to avoid disease spread.

Cordyceps farming model

Prepare cultivation room

In order to create an environment for strong cordyceps development, it is necessary to prepare a system of rearing rooms to ensure the following important factors:

  • Ensure aseptic culture room, adequate natural light and ventilation.
  • Equipped with a misting system to maintain the required humidity in the range of 70-85% and cooling system to keep the temperature stable at about 18-20 degrees Celsius.
  • Lighting system, heating system and rack system for placing bottles.

Prepare the substrate

Cordyceps culture medium is a mixture of solutions including coconut water, silkworm pupae, brown rice. All are pureed in the ratio of 1.5: 1.2: 5 with some micronutrients.

Next, the substrate will be put into substrate vials and disinfected for 2 hours. The medium continues to cool down the room and proceed to grow the seed.

Stages in cordyceps cultivation process 

Stage 1 raising yarn

The substrate vials will be transferred to a dark room after seeding and incubated with temperatures of 18-20 degrees Celsius, warmth 75-80%.

After a period of 10 days, the hyphae will cover the surface of the biomass medium, then transfer the entire substrate to the next culture stage.

Phase 2 fruiting

The vases will be taken to the lighting room to stimulate fruiting, along with the temperature and warmth as in step 1 and illuminated for 12 hours a day, with a intensity of 1000 lux. Need to open 2 times a day early in the morning and about 30 minutes evening to circulate air. After 15 days, the mushrooms will appear on the surface and continue to phase 3.

Phase 3 Fruiting body

Continue lighting 12h / day for the substrate vials, increasing the humidity to 80-85%, lowering the brightness to 700 Lux and the temperature remains the same. Similarly to step 2, open the room 2 times / day and monitor continuously to promptly detect the spreading of mold damage. After 2 months, the mushrooms will grow taller and appear spores.

Harvesting period

 When the fungus turns darker than the stem, cordyceps can be harvested.

Cordyceps mature

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So compared with natural cordyceps, is it good to grow?

The cultivation of cordyceps still retains a large amount of valuable substances such as Cordycepin that can treat cancer, Adenosin helps protect the cardiovascular system and stabilize blood pressure.

The biggest advantage that cordyceps farming brings is the difference in price. Instead of having to spend large amounts to tens of hundreds of millions to use natural cordyceps. Now, with just a small amount, you absolutely can use cordyceps to improve health.

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Above is the share about Cordyceps cultivation. With the desire to bring useful information to you, we hope that the above knowledge is useful to those who intend to consult and cultivate cordyceps. Don't forget to see more articles in the categories Cordyceps With Health of the Ganoderma

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