Of all the reishi mushrooms, Red Lingzhi mushroom is rare and has the highest medicinal ingredients. In Oriental medicine and Western medicine, there are many remedies and functional foods that require the presence of red Ganoderma. There are books once rewritten: "Ganoderma lucidum is a medicine crystallized from the most precious things of clouds and rain on high mountains, of the five elements during the day and night, so it can preserve the health of the emperors". How does Ganoderma lucidum have such medicinal ingredients that are highly appreciated? Invite you to find out Top 3 things to know about Ganoderma Red Phoenix, yellow through the article below.

Ganoderma always brings the best for the health of users
Ganoderma always brings the best for the health of users  

Red and yellow Ganoderma brand is from natural sources. Mushrooms are harvested on Jeju Island and large mountains in Korea. The effects of Phuong Hoang red Ganoderma have been verified, ensuring safety for users.

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1. Uses of Korean phoenix red reishi

Germaniun germinun, an important pharmaceutical substance in Korea, is an important pharmaceutical substance that helps prevent the formation and growth of cancer cells.

The content of Sterois in Phoenix red Lingzhi supports liver detoxification and inhibits pathogenic bacteria in humans. It is also an active ingredient that enhances the activity of the liver and kidneys.

The composition of the active ingredient Polysaccharide is very important in promoting the process of insulin regulation which lowers blood sugar and maintains blood sugar at a stable level.

Phuong Hoang red lingzhi also has the effect of removing strange pigments that appear on the skin surface. Thanks to that, the skin will become smoother and younger, support the prevention of skin diseases such as acne, allergies ...

Ganoderma red is effective in preventing disease
Ganoderma red is effective in preventing disease

Not only that, red Ganoderma supports sedation, reduces stress, reduces feelings of fatigue. People under stress lead to headaches, nervous breakdowns.

Thanks to the support of Ganoderma, the body's immune system is improved, has an antiviral effect, increases life expectancy in the elderly.

Not only that, red Ganoderma is also used in regulating and stabilizing blood pressure. Resistant to the formation of excess fat, atherosclerosis and complications.

Ganoderma is effective in cleansing the blood, increasing the activity of blood circulation, eliminating bad cholesterol in the blood.

Against diseases in the liver such as fatty liver, hepatitis, cirrhosis ...

People with neurasthenia due to stroke or radiation or chemotherapy need to improve their health.

Ganoderma also works to slow the growth of tumors.

Phuong Hoang Ganoderma has a good effect, lasting longer than ginseng. Especially reishi mushroom used continuously for many days also has no side effects, leaving no complications and no harm to health.

Phuong Hoang Red Ganoderma gives users many uses
Phuong Hoang Red Ganoderma gives users many uses

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2. Instructions for using red and yellow phoenix Ganoderma

Currently, Phuong Hoang Ganoderma is used in two main ways: sliced or ground into fine powder.

Users should use Ganoderma in the morning when hungry, should drink more water to eliminate toxins better. Because Ganoderma when drinking will have a characteristic bitter taste, you can add jujube, licorice or honey for easy drinking.

It can be taken with Ganoderma with vitamin C to help the body absorb nutrients better.

Pure Ganoderma will taste slightly bitter
Pure Ganoderma will taste slightly bitter

3. How to cook specific Ganoderma

Sliced Ganoderma into slices, about 15g dry, then put in warm with 1000ml of water. When boiling reduce the heat down, to about 30 minutes until 500ml is just enough.

Also by the same method, you boil 2 more lingzhi juice again with the mushroom residue boiled at the 1st time.

Ganoderma juice can be stored in the refrigerator for day use.

Note: Ganoderma juice cannot be boiled in a metal pot, not boiled for more than 60 minutes.

Ganoderma juice should be divided into several drinks throughout the day to best absorb the body.

With Ganoderma powder, you can use the whole mushroom residue to fully absorb the substance inside it.

In the first few days of using Ganoderma, the body has not yet been able to adapt, so it may cause users to experience abdominal pain, bloating or diarrhea. On the 3rd day of use, the body gets used to Ganoderma, all of these symptoms will disappear.

Hopefully the information we share below will help you understand more about Red and Yellow Lingzhi. Thank you for your interest in tracking posts.

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