Since centuries ago, Ganoderma has been considered one of the rare herbs that are good for the health of users. Ganoderma is found in old forests and they are very rare. In recent years, natural reishi seems to have gradually decreased in both quality and quantity due to polluted habitats, indiscriminate exploitation of forests. Meanwhile, the need to protect human health is increasing. Have you ever learned about Korean reishi mushroom? Why is this type of artificial reishi mushroom so popular with people? We invite you to find out top things to know about Ganoderma Uhak Korea through the article below.

Korean reishi mushroom Uhak is appreciated for its quality
Korean reishi mushroom Uhak is appreciated for its quality  

Korea's premium reishi mushroom Uhak is grown on Uhak farm in Gyeongsangbuk-do province.

The air, water and soil for growing Ganoderma here are very good, not affected by pollution, so the quality of mushrooms is always absolutely guaranteed.

Ganoderma farming model Uhak is based on the most modern cultivation techniques, ensuring the processes are closed. It is these standards that have brought Korean reishi mushroom Uhak a firm position in the market.

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1. The process of growing Ganoderma Uhak

It is known that the Ganoderma Uhak farm is full of the most favorable factors, meeting the strict requirements of the nông lâm fishery ministry in Korea. 

First, the mushroom growing areas will be thoroughly cleaned to ensure the standards. Next, the land will be covered with a canvas to control moisture, wind and light.

The pine trees are carefully selected, trimmed to a suitable size. After that, the trunk of the wood will be punched into small holes according to a certain thickness and the reishi mushroom transplant inside.

Logs of mushrooms are transported inside the mushroom growing area, then half soaked in the soil and incubated to encourage the mushrooms to grow. Always have an experienced engineer who constantly monitors the growth of mushrooms. Natural factors that help mushrooms grow and develop will be checked and adjusted appropriately in each stage.

Ganoderma Uhak is grown according to a standard process
Ganoderma Uhak is grown according to a standard process

Ganoderma trees will be harvested 2-3 years after planting. This is the time Ganoderma lucidum is high in nutrients. After harvesting, the mushrooms will be processed to remove impurities. Finally, processing and packaging into different types of products to serve consumers.

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2. The difference of Uhak compared to other types of Ganoderma

Ganoderma mushrooms are grown on woody stems, so the quality of mushrooms will be higher than mushrooms grown in sawdust.

The underside of Ganoderma is light yellow and quite thick, without scratches and is covered with fine mushroom spores - where many medicinal mushrooms are concentrated.

Uhak Ganoderma is grown on woody stems so excellent quality
Uhak Ganoderma is grown on woody stems so excellent quality

Ganoderma brand Uhak has a characteristic aroma, a little bigger than the hand.

3. The effect of high-grade Uhak Korean reishi mushroom

For the circulatory system: Stabilize blood pressure, purify blood, enhance blood circulation, support nerves, reduce stress, fatigue, regulate menstruation.

Ganoderma Uhak always brings the best effects for users
Ganoderma Uhak always brings the best effects for users

For the skin, Use Ganoderma Help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, make skin smooth and limit signs of aging on the skin, fight acne, allergies.

For the digestive system: Strengthen digestive activity, prevent constipation, cleanse the intestines, prevent fat accumulation ...

Because it is a functional food derived from nature. Ganoderma Uhak will work quickly or slowly depending on the location of each person.

For those with a history of serious illness or a body that is easily irritated with the ingredients of Ganoderma, it is advisable to consult a physician before use. Ganoderma Uhak is only a product to support health, nutritional supplements, not a substitute for medication.

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4. How to use Uhak premium Ganoderma

  • Mash Uhak Ganoderma powder into powder for use

Grinding Ganoderma into powder is one of the effective ways to help the body absorb all the nutrients in mushrooms. You should put the mushroom powder in a separate filter bag when water color, make tea for easier drinking.

  • Sliced Korean reishi mushroom Uhak

Ganoderma of Korean Uhak can sliced to excellent drinking water, braking tea like other teas. When Ganoderma juice color, the mushroom residue at the first time can be used to add 1-2 times more water.

  • Soak Korean reishi mushroom Uhak

You only need to use about 200g of sliced Ganoderma Uhak, pickled with 2 liters of pure alcohol. Ganoderma wine soaked in 30 days can be used.

Hopefully the information we share about Ganoderma Uhak will help you better understand the product.

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