Red Lingzhi mushroom are now more commonly used than in the past. Many people prioritize the use of red Ganoderma to foster health, support the prevention and treatment of some diseases. Because of the increasing demand for use, there are many people supplying fake reishi mushrooms on the market. This is what confuses consumers. Here will be the top 5 how to identify red lingzhi The real thing is the simplest. Certainly, the above information will help you in finding quality reishi.

Based on the shape of red lingzhi

The real red lingzhi ears will have a rounded shape but slightly distorted. Underneath the cap will have white scratches. These types of Ganoderma of unknown origin will have the same shape as the kidney.

Can rely on the shape of red Ganoderma to distinguish true - fake
Can rely on the shape of red Ganoderma to distinguish true - fake

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Based on color

To distinguish real or fake red lingzhi, we can also look at the colors. The lower part of real red Ganoderma will be pale yellow, showing up quite clearly the scratched lines. Meanwhile, fake red reishi mushrooms will have the lower part of the brown or gray mushroom cap, with brown earth scratches. In fake mushrooms, the underside of the mushroom also has tiny holes like needle points due to termites gouged out by termites.

Distinguish real Ganoderma - fake by color
Distinguish real Ganoderma - fake by color

Based on the size of red lingzhi

Red Ganoderma, if taken care of in good condition, will give a relative size, about 15 cm in diameter. Particularly about the thickness of real Ganoderma is only about 2cm. These types of fake red reishi mushrooms are of unknown origin will be thinner, the diameter of the mushrooms will be larger than the real reishi mushrooms, spongy ears and light mushroom weight.

Feeling by hand

Only by hand feel, you can distinguish between real red Ganoderma and fake red Lingzhi. When you touch real red lingzhi, it will feel smooth, not rough on the surface of the mushroom. In particular, on the surface of red lingzhi will remain intact brown spores. Real reishi mushrooms when sliced, bent will not be broken because it has elasticity.

Fake Ganoderma will easily shatter when chopped into thin slices
Fake Ganoderma will easily shatter when chopped into thin slices

For fake reishi mushrooms of unknown origin, the cross section of the mushroom stalk to the touch will feel rough. The part of Ganoderma is not firm, easy to fall off. The mushroom ears when cut out very soft, bent will break.

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Identify red lingzhi through taste

To get to know Red Ganoderma is fakeWe can also rely on the taste of mushrooms. True red reishi mushrooms will have a characteristic bitter taste but have a faint fragrance. Ganoderma Lucidum when sharpened into drinking water will have a strong taste, a bit bitter but easy to drink. When drinking in the throat will feel comfortable. Especially, Ganoderma lucidum is really red when it is sharp for the 2nd and 3rd time, it still has a bitter taste and aroma. When stored in the refrigerator for a few days, when drinking it, it will not change taste.

Particularly fake Ganoderma only the first time to cook is bitter, but you will not feel the aroma. When you use the first part of cooked residue to cook the second time, the color is also pale and no smell.

Can identify real red Ganoderma by taste
Can identify real red Ganoderma by taste

How to identify red Ganoderma "clean"

After differentiating between real and fake red reishi, how is it different? You should also pay a little attention to how to identify clean red Ganoderma. Because if Ganoderma is used, the cultivation process is not guaranteed, beyond the expiry date, it is also very dangerous.

Ganoderma must be clean intact spore layer above
Ganoderma must be clean intact spore layer above
  • Clean red Ganoderma requires reddish brown color to maintain the spore layer, with a certain gloss. Absolutely do not buy and use red reishi mushrooms have a dull brown surface, the underside of the caps are patchy yellow, green stains because the mushrooms may have been damaged.
  • Clean reishi mushrooms must have a strong aroma and bitter taste. Red standard Ganoderma will not smell or appear sour or musty.
  • Clean reishi mushrooms are the mushrooms that retain the brown spore above. You should not buy Ganoderma with a glossy surface, although it is not a fake mushroom, the upper spore layer has been scraped out to sell separately. Meanwhile, the new spore layer is the concentration of many nutrients of the mushroom.

Buy quality red lingzhi where?

If you are still wondering where to find quality red reishi mushroom, you can contact Ganoderma. We always bring to our customers the best quality reishi mushrooms at the right price. You can contact us directly to get more information about Ganoderma lucidum.

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