It comes Cordyceps In the remote and dangerous Himalayan mountains, everyone compliments its use. So what about the Himalayan cordyceps? Do they come from the high mountains of the same name? Things to know about Cordyceps Himalaya brand will be shared by Linh Chi Nong Lam in this article. Do not rush through this article.

1. Introduction of Himalayan cordyceps

Himalaya Cordyceps is the product of the hard work of research, study and application of modern technologies in breeding. Cordyceps is native to the Himalayas. However, the culture technology and the growth environment of cordyceps are in Vietnam.

Although cordyceps are cultivated in Vietnam, they grow and develop in soils that are very similar to the Himalayas. Currently, the cordyceps Himalaya brand is the only product that users can use the biomass.

Cordyceps Himalaya biomass is cultivated according to strict procedures should be of good quality
Cordyceps Himalaya biomass is cultivated according to strict procedures should be of good quality   

Cordyceps Himalaya brand during the past 10 years has received bright prizes such as:

  • Top 100 Vietnamese brands - favorite Vietnamese goods in 2013.
  • Won an award of "a reputable, quality and safe product for the health of consumers".
  • Confirmation of compliance with food regulations by the Ministry of Health - Department of Food Safety.

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2. Himalayan cordyceps products

Currently on the market, Cordyceps Himalaya brand includes:

  • Himalaya cordyceps wine

+ Ingredients in wine: Fresh cordyceps, precious herbs from nature, high quality sticky rice. In particular, the cordyceps in culture, they get their nutrition from the highest quality, cleanest raw materials so they bring perfect quality.

+ Using Himalayan cordyceps alcohol brings great uses for health such as: Physiological function growth, kidney tonic, support the treatment of memory impairment, blood pressure balance, liver function rehabilitation. , kidney and support to overcome back pain, knee fatigue.

+ Cordyceps alcohol is very simple, you only need to drink 2 times a day, each drink 20ml. Can be taken with or after meals.

The appearance of Himalaya cordyceps wine is very luxurious and beautiful. So, in addition to the purpose of buying home to use, you can also use the product as gifts, Tet gifts on special occasions.

Himalaya cordyceps wine is preferred by many gentlemen
Himalaya cordyceps wine is preferred by many gentlemen
  • Fresh Cordyceps Himalaya brand

+ Fresh cordyceps in the composition of 100% Cordyceps in biomass culture.

+ Main uses of fresh Himalayan cordyceps: Support for cardiovascular stability, blood pressure; Positive kidney tonic and rehabilitation of physiological functions for men; Using fresh cordyceps helps improve resistance, improve immune system; Supporting the treatment of chronic diseases; fight disease…

+ How to use fresh Himalaya cordyceps effectively:

Adults should use about 5g daily is sufficient, children younger than 12 years old should not use.

Cordyceps fresh biomass can be used to make daily tea. Each 5g of mushrooms you can brake into 3 times of tea, eat even the mushroom residue.

In addition, fresh Himalayan cordyceps can also bring soup, stew with meats, bird's nest.

Fresh Himalayan cordyceps has a high nutrient content
Fresh Himalayan cordyceps has a high nutrient content

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  • Dry Himalayan Cordyceps

+ The composition of the product includes 100% of cordyceps, fresh fruit, dried by sublimation method. Thanks to that, the content of nutrients inside is more than 90%.

+ Product uses include: Increasing resistance; Immune system support; Against aging; improve physiological function; support cancer treatment; Prevention of amnesia, distraction ...

+ How to use dried Himalayan cordyceps is very diverse, you can brake tea, soup, soup, wine, honey ...

Dried and dried Cordyceps should retain a lot of nutrients
Dried and dried Cordyceps should retain a lot of nutrients
  • Cordyceps Himalaya brand powder form

+ The main component of the product is also 100% cordyceps dried fruit pulverized into fine powder.

+ The use of the product is not inferior or different from the fresh and dried cordyceps of the Himalaya brand.

+ The method of processing powdered cordyceps also includes soaking honey, making spices for dishes, soups, soups, making tea ...

Cordyceps Himalaya brand powder
Cordyceps Himalaya brand powder

This is the information about the Cordyceps Himalaya brand that Linh Chi Nong Lam wants to share with you. Hopefully what we share will help you understand more about this product brand.

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