Trademark Cordyceps Van An is no longer too strange to those who know about the Vietnamese cordyceps market. Currently, Van An brand has brought to users many high-quality and affordable medicinal mushroom products that many customers trust. If you are still vague about the cordyceps market, want to learn more. We invite you to find out what you need to know about cordyceps Van An brand through the article below.

1. Introduction of Van An brand

Van An is a high-tech mushroom growing center with a team of highly qualified engineers and scientists. Currently, the quality of Van An Cordyceps is highly appreciated in the market.

The price of Van An Cordyceps is much cheaper than the price of Tibetan natural cordyceps. Meanwhile, the content of the active ingredient inside is still quite high, bringing many health benefits.

Van An cordyceps has superior quality
Van An cordyceps has superior quality  

Van An Cordyceps is cultivated in a closed environment, with conditions to breed similar to the wild. All processes of inoculating mushrooms, culturing and until harvesting are strictly monitored. Products before being sold on the market have been tested for quality, ensuring food hygiene and safety.

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2. Van An cordyceps products are on the market

  • Dried cordyceps

At present, Van An Company provides the best quality dried cordyceps. Products are dried by sublimation drying method from 100% premium fresh cordyceps. Therefore, the internal nutrient content seems to be retained completely.

Dried cordyceps for superior quality
Dried cordyceps for superior quality
  • Fresh Cordyceps biomass

At present, Van An is providing users with fresh quality biomass in cordyceps. Cordyceps products are grown on an organic compound, including pureed silkworm pupae, bean sprouts, brown rice ...

The source of raw materials is carefully selected so the quality of cordyceps is appreciated. Ensuring safety for users.

Fresh cordyceps in the form of Van An brand biomass
Fresh cordyceps in the form of Van An brand biomass
  • Cordyceps dry host (pupa)

Dried cordyceps in the host form are used successfully by experts in Van An. Products are carefully selected, ensuring all sources of raw materials ensure food hygiene and safety. Cordyceps fresh host after harvest, remove impurities, use the method of drying to dry. The product guarantees to retain high nutrient content.

Cordyceps sign silkworm pupae
Cordyceps sign silkworm pupae
  • Cordyceps soaked honey

Cordyceps soaked in honey is a perfect and perfect combination between 2 precious natural ingredients. Van An cordyceps, when combined with pure forest honey, provides a functional health food. The best way to use cordyceps soaked in Van An forest honey is that you should use about 2-3 tablespoons of functional foods and a glass of warm water to drink.

  • Van An cordyceps liquor

Maybe cordyceps alcohol It is one of the products most chosen by gentlemen. Use of cordyceps in Van An wine has a delicious taste, can be drunk every day without causing boredom or side effects if used properly.

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3. How to use Van An cordyceps??

Van An cordyceps is benign and good for health. However, this does not mean that you can use or overdose at your own discretion.

With most of Van An Cordyceps products, you need to process to be able to use. When processing cordyceps, take care not to place it on high heat for more than 2 hours. In particular, Cordyceps only cook on earthen pots and porcelain pots, not metal pots for processing.

Do not use cordyceps for pregnant women, nursing mothers or children under 12 years of age. When you want to use cordyceps to treat pathology, users should consult with a doctor.

Above is information related to the cordyceps with Van An brand Ganoderma want to share. The Van An brand is of good quality and includes many attractive products. You can buy Van An cordyceps to protect your health and your loved one.

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