Since Vietnam successfully applied cordyceps cultivation, there have been many research facilities and development of cordyceps products for themselves. One of the most prestigious and high-quality cordyceps establishments today is Viet Y Duong. Do you know what kinds of cordyceps sinensis today include or not? Ganoderma invite you to find out Things to know about Cordyceps Viet Y Duong brand. If you are also interested in products of this brand, do not hurry to skip our article below.

1. Introduction to Viet Medicine Duong

Viet Y Duong is a company specializing in manufacturing and trading functional foods for health. Cordyceps branded Vietnam Y Duong was studied from natural cordyceps Tibetan. Cordyceps culture environment is carefully constructed, ensuring aseptic and closed.

Cordyceps of Vietnam Y Duong brings excellent quality and affordable prices, suitable for many users.

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2. Is Cordyceps in Vietnamese Y Duong brand good?

Viet Y Duong cordyceps brings many health benefits, benign and does not cause side effects when used. Cordyceps of Viet Y Duong is considered by many users to be very good for health, can be used for daily use. So why is Cordyceps Viet Y Duong good?

Products are tested for quality and licensed for circulation in the market
Products are tested for quality and licensed for circulation in the market  
  • The original medicinal mushroom seed originated from the Tibetan nature.
  • Materials of cordyceps mushroom farming are derived from 100% organic from flour, silkworm pupae, etc.
  • Culture conditions in aseptic room, the same environment as the outside environment.
  • Mushroom seedling cultivation, harvesting and packaging lines do not have any chemical, preservative or additive effects.
  • Products before being sold on the market have been tested for quality, food safety and hygiene should be trusted by many people.

3. Vietnamese Y Duong cordyceps products

Viet Y Duong offers users the following products:

  • Fresh cordyceps in Viet Y Duong

Viet Y fresh cordyceps Duong Duong is selected from the best quality cordyceps mushrooms. The product does not contain any growth stimulants or other ingredients.

With this fresh cordyceps, its nutrient content will be very high. Users can prioritize use to improve health, treat diseases.

Viet Y Duong cordyceps products are very good, but can only be used for 2 weeks when stored in the refrigerator cooler. After 2 weeks, the product gradually loses its nutrients and may survive unhealthy microorganisms.

Therefore, you need to pay attention to buy fresh cordyceps in suitable quantity. When used up, you will buy new batches to ensure nutrient content.

Fresh cordyceps of Viet Y Duong
Fresh cordyceps of Viet Y Duong

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  • Dried Cordyceps Viet Y Duong

In order to meet the needs of users, Viet Y Duong also provides dried dried cordyceps. With this method, the nutrient content in cordyceps is kept almost entirely. This is an advantage compared to conventional drying methods. Because cordyceps is very susceptible to pyrolysis, which mutates and loses its internal nutrients, using a traditional drying method will lose important medicinal properties. Cordyceps Vietnam Sugar after drying can be used for 1 year.

Dried cordyceps of Viet Y Duong
Dried cordyceps of Viet Y Duong
  • Viet Y Duong cordyceps wine

For cordyceps, using the method of soaking alcohol is widely applied. To ensure cordyceps cordyceps best quality, right dose. Viet Y Duong has sold pre-prepared cordyceps corduroy, brewed wine by traditional methods to bring the best flavor.

The combination of 100% cordyceps Vietnam Y Superior sugar with delicious sticky rice wine has created a health product that is easy to drink, typical fragrance.

The effects of cordyceps liquor Viet Y Duong brand has been recognized by many users. Especially used to improve physiological health, high cyst resistance, immune system.

Viet Y Duong cordyceps wine with perfect quality
Viet Y Duong cordyceps wine with perfect quality

Products Cordyceps Vietnamese Y Duong brand name is very good, benign and does not cause side effects. However, if you want to use the product to bring the best results, do not forget to use the correct dosage, consult your doctor.

Hopefully the information we share, you will understand more about this brand of Cordyceps Viet Y Duong. Thank you for your interest in following the article.

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