Recently, apart natural cordyceps Tibet then artificial cordyceps is also known and preferred by many people. Germany is also one of the countries researching and applying successful cordyceps cultivation technology. 4 things to know about German cordyceps what? To find out more about the above information, Ganoderma Please follow the article below.

1. What is Cordyceps in Germany?

Cordyceps in Germany is the name for the cordyceps grown by experts and engineers in Germany. Cordyceps culture and cultivation of Germany cordyceps is very advanced, leading quality and the process of caring and harvesting cordyceps is technically correct.

Germany did not import natural cordyceps because they thought that natural herbs still contained many impurities that could not be fully processed. Cordyceps cultivated in Germany are often processed into functional foods in the form of tablets, distilled water, tea bags ... The Germans are very busy with daily life and work. Therefore, refined products from cordyceps for them are the most convenient and best way to nourish the body, protect health and fight disease.

Cordyceps in Germany, is the cordyceps that are brought up by German experts themselves
Cordyceps in Germany, is the cordyceps that are brought up by German experts themselves 

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2. What are the effects of German cordyceps?

Most of the refined products from German cordyceps are derived from 100% cordyceps. Cordyceps formula is individually studied, divided according to a reasonable proportion. Therefore, nutritional supplements from German cordyceps are appreciated for quality, nutritional content. In particular, functional foods from benign German cordyceps, not causing side effects or causing users to depend on the product.

The uses of German cordyceps are:

  • Cordyceps supplements can detoxify, detoxify the liver, kidneys and eliminate active toxins in the body.
  • Preventing and supporting the treatment of kidney diseases: Protecting kidney cells from anemia damage, strengthening kidney hormones, recovering kidney-related diseases.
  • Supporting treatment of reducing excess cholesterol in the body, stabilizing blood pressure.
  • Improve blood circulation.
  • Good for the heart, prevent myocardial ischemia, keep the heartbeat always stable.
Using German cordyceps has many benefits for the heart
Using German cordyceps has many benefits for the heart
  • Anti-atherosclerotic phenomenon
  • Strengthen resistance, improve immune system.
  • Against old age disease, depression.
  • Enhance male physiology, good for men who have physiological problems such as erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, premature ejaculation.
  • Good for women who want to preserve the youthful appearance of their skin, limit the appearance of signs of aging.

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3. Can German cordyceps be replaced with Vietnamese cordyceps?

You may not know, Cordyceps Vietnam is currently appreciated for quality. The active ingredient in artificial cordyceps in Vietnam is not inferior to Tibetan and German cordyceps.

Currently, the cost of Vietnamese cordyceps ranges from 60 - 120 million / kg depending on the type. In particular, cordyceps in Vietnam has both dried whole, powdered form, tea bag, water and capsule form. In addition to pure cordyceps, there are many manufacturing facilities that also produce pharmaceuticals that combine cordyceps with ginseng, ginseng, flexible velvet antler, honey, bird's nest, etc.

The price of cordyceps is quite high
The price of cordyceps is quite high

Effects of Vietnamese cordyceps are quite high. There are even studies showing that Vietnamese cordyceps still have more pharmaceutical substances than German cordyceps.

Vietnam cordyceps is good, there are many different ways of processing. However, to fully utilize the cordyceps, you also need to adhere to the following principles:

  • Do not cook cordyceps on an open fire for more than 60 minutes.
  • Do not use metal materials to cook cordyceps.
  • Do not arbitrarily use Cordyceps, Cordyceps lamina overdose.

4. Why should buy cordyceps in Linh Chi Nong Lam

Cordyceps now Ganoderma because we directly take seed, transplant, cultivate and care for. All processes are strictly and thoroughly implemented by specialists and engineers. So, Cordyceps in Nong Lam always have good quality.

The product is definitely packed, beautiful form, so it can be used for giving Tet gifts. Competitive price products in the market and suitable for many users. We always have sufficient papers proving product quality, policies to protect the rights of customers transparency. You can contact us via the website address For further advice.

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