Due to demand Use red reishi mushrooms the user's number is higher and higher. Therefore, many individuals and households have deployed the model of growing red reishi mushrooms for sale. To grow red Ganoderma with high yield, it is necessary to learn from the experience and skills of many people. Because each type of red reishi mushroom will have different farming methods and methods. Today, Ganoderma will share to you 7 steps in how to grow red Ganoderma bring high productivity. If you are also interested in this area, do not rush to skip our article.

In fact, growing red Ganoderma is not too difficult, complicated but not necessarily easy. Almost anyone who has knowledge of farming techniques, builds a standard farming model, intensive experience, selects quality embryos, ideal mushroom growing environment will have a stable yield.

Growing red Ganoderma is not as simple as we think
Growing red Ganoderma is not as simple as we think

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7 steps in growing red Ganoderma bring high yield

  1. Interested in farming seasons

For best Ganoderma farming, the season should start from January to October. Because after October, the rainfall is relatively high, the air humidity is high so the mushrooms are very susceptible to disease and grow in no field. are. Normally, people stop growing Ganoderma from October until after Tet.

In one year, it is flexible to grow 3-4 mushroom seasons. However, the majority of Ganoderma in Vietnam now have cultivation time from 3-4 months from transplanting.

In 1 year can grow 3-4 seasons Ganoderma red
In 1 year can grow 3-4 seasons Ganoderma red
  1. Search for material sources

The main raw material used by Ganoderma is sawdust of soft, porous types that do not contain toxic oil properties. The main materials are: jackfruit wood, rubber wood, licorice medicinal plants, bagasse ... Besides, in the material, there are additional additives to increase nutrients. You should also filter out the impurities still in the saw to avoid them scratching and chipping.

  1. Baggy

The most important requirement when bagging is to be very tight. The amount of embryo must also be sufficient, should not be surplus or lack. Tightly packed is aimed at not damaging the silk, not infected by the environment or on the move.

  1. Pasteurization method

Application of pasteurization technique is to destroy all microorganisms in the material. Pasteurization time by steaming at 100 ° C for about 12 hours.

  1. Transplanting

In high quality Ganoderma cultivation technique for high productivity, it is indispensable for the isolation of seeds. The purpose of this work is to limit the degradation of fungi, reduce infection and reduce yield.

Things that need to be prepared when transplanting are: Disinfecting all equipment and seeding room, the seeding room is not too tight, having to block the wind and packing the embryos after autoclaving to cool, they need to transplant immediately.

Ganoderma inoculation stage is very important
Ganoderma inoculation stage is very important

The required implanting tools are: Seed bottles, clamps, culture tables, alcohol lamps. Especially, when seedlings are transplanted, they must be at the right age and bottle bottle must be placed horizontally. 

  1. Silk incubation period

The most important requirement of the silage-rearing house must be a well-ventilated and clean place to reduce humidity, reduce temperature and provide oxygen for fungi, limiting mold growth.

  • Humidity of embryo house must be from 75% - 85%, temperature from 20 - 30 degrees C.
  • Mushroom embryos should be placed on racks or shelves.
  • During the embryo incubation, no watering and no movement.

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  1. Caring and harvesting stage

  • Mushroom growers must be clean, well-lit, and well ventilated.
  • Mushroom-growing houses do not have drafts, are closed and must have roofs to protect against leaking rain and sun-blocking nets.
  • Always make sure the temperature is from 22 - 28 degrees Celsius for the best growth of mushrooms.
  • Use clean water, clean the mushroom growing area

After harvesting, usually 3kg of red and red lingzhi will gain 1 kg of dried red lingzhi. Every 1000 bags of seed embryos after drying will produce about 15-20 kg depending on the quality of good embryos or not.

Farms growing mushrooms must be treated and pasteurized after Fooc Mon concentration of 1%.

Ganoderma need to be harvested in a timely manner
Ganoderma need to be harvested in a timely manner
  1. Packaging products

Ganoderma red after drying is also treated microbiology, bacteria before packaging. If packaged in a vacuum bag, Ganoderma has a shelf life of 1-2 years.

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