Situation epidemic COVID-19 is happening quite complicatedly, the number of cases and diseases is increasing every day. Faced with this situation, many people expressed concern and insecurity about the rapid spread of this disease. Instead of fidgeting, why not try to protect your body, increase your resistance to the virus during the epidemic. Find out how to increase anti-virus resistance During the COVID-19 epidemic season, it is very important and necessary.

  1. What effect does resistance protect the body?

Overview of resistance exists in the human body

Resistance is the body's ability to respond to harmful agents such as bacteria, viruses and foreign agents. The resistance formed includes: natural resistance and synthetic resistance.

In particular, the natural resistance was born, respond promptly, effectively, comprehensively and maintain mechanisms against harmful agents. The combined resistance is formed through exercise, proper diet and adequate vaccinations.

Resistance helps the body fight harmful agents
Resistance helps the body fight harmful agents 

+ Note: Immune System Strengthening Flu season COVID-19

Mechanism against intrusive agents harms the body of resistance

When pathogens are found to enter the body, natural resistance establishes a series of protective barriers. This mechanism involves many specialized organs and cells in the body.

First, the body will erect barriers at three gateways: the skin, respiratory mucosa and digestive mucosa. Upon entry into the epithelial layers on the skin, the body mobilizes natural phagocytes and killer cells to swallow microorganisms and secrete substances that destroy them.

When microorganisms have invaded organs and blood, the body will quickly mobilize resistant cells, increasing the number to cope, called lymphocytes. These cells have the ability to identify, encircle and produce antigens to kill harmful microorganisms and viruses.

Lymphocytes help produce antigens that destroy viruses
Lymphocytes help produce antigens that destroy viruses
  1. Cordyceps - the optimal solution to enhance resistance against viruses during the COVID-19 season

Uses overview of Cordyceps

Many studies of Eastern and Western Medicine have shown Uses of Cordyceps, can include a number of uses as follows:

  • Stabilize machine circulation, produce red blood cells, improve resistance.
  • Supporting treatment of many diseases such as cancer, hepatitis B, cirrhosis, ...
Cordyceps help fight viruses and fight inflammation
Cordyceps help fight viruses and fight inflammation
  • Improve physiological sleep, regulate and circulate blood gas
  • Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, ...
  • Support synthesis and nutritional balance, ...

+ Note: Resistance Enhancing Nutrition During the "Season" of Covid-19 (nCoV)

Why Cordyceps is the optimal solution to enhance resistance during the COVID-19 season?

Leukocytes are the blood index that play an important role in determining the body's resistance. Therefore, Cordyceps will stimulate the immune system by increasing the number of white blood cells, helping the body fight diseases that lack immunity such as cancer, HIV, Hepatitis B, ... (Quote from: Holliday, J et al. Encyclopedia of supplementary diet Dekker Encyclopedias, Taylor and Francis Publishing, 2005).

Besides, Using Cordyceps It can also reduce the number and effects of leukocytes in the blood and increase the number of red blood cells for patients whose immune systems are too high, or patients with rheumatism.

Blood cells are formed in the bone marrow. When exiting the bone marrow in an unformed form, then invading the once formed organ, exists in various forms such as red blood cells and T cells. The production of red blood cells, white blood cells and cells T cells will occur in the presence of cordyceps.

Cordyceps enhances effective resistance
Cordyceps enhances effective resistance

According to a 1999 study, Cordyceps sinensis family of cordyceps fungi has the ability to help strengthen the resistance including: increasing white blood cell count, T-helper cells, NK cells and macrophages, Increasing resistance helps fight infections, especially against the invasion of viruses and fungi.

How to increase anti-virus resistance during the epidemic season COVID-19 equals Cordyceps can say is optimal, right? Cordyceps is a rare oriental medicine, in addition to helping the body fight against cancer-causing agents, hepatitis B, HIV, ... cordyceps also has the ability to enhance anti-virus resistance in season. Note that pregnant and lactating women, menstrual women, children under five years old, people with a fever cough should consult a doctor when using.

Note: Among cordyceps mushrooms are distributed on the market today. The product that you need to consider before buying it is worm worm mushrooms. Because of this genuine fungus its up to a billion dong / tael. Therefore, if in Vietnam selling this whole filamentous dnagj with only a few tens of million VND / kg, the quality is definitely not guaranteed.

Currently, in Vietnam, there are many establishments and farms that have succeeded in cultivating cordyceps mushrooms with good quality. Especially the price of medicinal mushrooms is quite cheap, anyone can use.

You can find out and choose for yourself a place that provides cordyceps mushrooms with good quality, suggesting to you some places selling cordyceps mushrooms: Ganoderma (Former Member of Technology Business Incubation Center, Ho Chi Minh City University of Agriculture and Forestry), Biofun, Gkin ...

Hopefully with the information we share, you will know ways to increase resistance during the COVID-19 epidemic season. Thank you for taking the time to follow the article.

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