For men, showing ability and strength is very important to help them become more confident. Most men want to prove themselves to women. However, there are a number of diseases that make them feel inferior or potentially cause infertility sexual disorders, erectile dysfunction. That is why, for men, pharmaceuticals with the ability to improve physiology are most popular. And there is a name that gets a lot of attention Cordyceps. This is considered a valuable herb in maintaining health, showing a strong bravery.

Dried Cordyceps

What is sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction?       

Sexual disorders, erectile dysfunction are an increasingly common condition related to fertility. And according to statistics the number of people suffering from sexual disorders, erectile dysfunction is at an alarming number.

Accordingly erectile dysfunction is a sexual dysfunction that occurs in men. Occurs when the penis is unable to place or maintain an erection state for sexual intercourse. 

Although this is not a life-threatening disease, it seriously affects the quality of life for men. And if not treated promptly will lead to impotence, infertility.

+ Note: Should Physiological Weaknesses Use Cordyceps Or Not?

What causes sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction?

The disease usually occurs in intellectual workers, office workers, those who stay up late or work in toxic polluted environments ...

The main cause of the disease is people with nephrotic disease, nephritis. Because the adrenal glands secrete hormones that work to regulate male physiology. When hormones change, there is a loss of libido.

Some causes of other diseases include:

  • Psychological stress, fatigue this affects the achievement of erection. Impaired concentration during sex.
  • People with neurological diseases such as depression. Or suffer from diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, endocrine disorders.
  • Frequent use of stimulants such as beer, alcohol, tobacco, drugs ...
  • Abuse of drugs such as sedatives, diuretics, antidepressants ...
  • Some disorders cause reduced blood flow and damage to the penis nerve.

Sexual disorders, erectile dysfunction need to be treated early and properly, and the ability to recover faster. In addition to changing bad habits, changing the diet to rest reasonably. Regular exercise and exercise, using cordyceps herbs is very beneficial for men's health and people suffering from sexual disorders, erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction affects the quality of life

Effects of cordyceps on sexual disorders, erectile dysfunction

Cordyceps helps restore kidney function and helps prevent and treat erectile dysfunction.

  • Research by modern medicine shows that cordyceps has effects on protecting the kidneys from dangerous diseases. Adenosine helps improve kidney function, restore cells and increase local blood flow of the kidney.
  • Cordyceps also contains Cordycepin which has the function of enhancing resistance, immune system and strengthening the body.
  • In addition, cordyceps contains 17 types of amino acids and trace elements along with essential vitamins to help the body reduce stress and fatigue against pathogens.
Cordyceps helps restore kidney function

+ Note: Ganoderma Improve Physiological Function Increases Men's Strength

How to use cordyceps cure sexual disorders, erectile dysfunction

To improve and prevent sexual disorders, erectile dysfunction can use cordyceps in some common ways such as:

- Use to soak wine: You can soak cordyceps together with white wine at the rate of 100g equivalent to 2 liters of wine in 30 days. Every day use 15ml. Using this method helps treat impotence, enhances health, stimulates the digestive system.

- Use to drink tea: Can combine with ginseng brake with boiling water to drink during the day. Useful uses of gas, very effective for premature ejaculation.

- Use to cook soup: Combine with pigeons, chickens to cook soup. Uses kidney supplements, good for body weakness, people with impotence, premature ejaculation ...

Buy Cordyceps where best quality?

For the treatment of sexual disorders, erectile dysfunction achieve the best results. You should choose to buy cordyceps in reputable addresses. Typically at Linh Chi Nong Lam.

Cordyceps Linh Chi Nong Lam

Ganoderma is a reputable address for supplying cordyceps products in Vietnam with a certificate of quality assurance by the Ministry of Health. 

To avoid buying counterfeit goods, customers should not use products floating on the market labeled Tibetan goods. Because the majority of the market today does not have the same products of all natural origin. If so, they are extremely scarce and their prices are very expensive.

Therefore, Ganoderma is the right choice for you. All products made from dried cordyceps, liquid or pellet are sold at reasonable prices, suitable for all customer segments in Vietnam.

The above article is about the disease sexual disorders, erectile dysfunction and treatment and Cordyceps. Hope to bring useful information to those who are suffering from this disease and promptly treat it promptly. Cordyceps with many uses for some other incurable incurable diseases. Let's find out the next article to find out more.

Cordyceps With Health


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