Currently, there are many places selling cordyceps in the market with various types and prices. However, not every place is reputable enough to provide quality cordyceps. Especially the natural cordyceps of China. A lot of users want to know if Chinese cordyceps is good? So let's find out more about this issue.

Learn about Chinese cordyceps 

Learn about Chinese cordyceps

Chinese cordyceps originated in the Tibetan Plateau regions of western China. Originally born as a species of amphibian fauna and flora, in winter they are an animal species, which in the summer turns into a plant species. At that time, they were called Chinese Cordyceps Mushrooms. In Tibet's "Thao Cuong Muc" about 900 years ago, the use of Chinese cordyceps is recorded. With the many miraculous abilities that they bring to health, can be compared as a divine medicine to cure the disease. 

In the Tibetan highlands, where snow is dense and freezing all year round. Located about 3000m to 6000m from the sea surface is where people first find and exploit this cordyceps. Grows in cold environments, more nights per day, the temperature between day and night there is a clear difference. Also from these special factors, has brought the ability to contain thousands of valuable elements for natural cordyceps

To this day, with the development of modern science. Through the research process of scientists, cordyceps has been proven to contain ingredients such as protein, cordycepin, powerful antioxidants, manganese, calcium, iron, michael copper, trace elements and 18 types. Other amino acids. These components are extremely necessary and valuable for human health.

The exploitation of cordyceps faces a lot of difficulties

Cordyceps have what use?

With the inherent rare and precious medicinal herbs, Chinese cordyceps can bring the following benefits:

  • Enhance immunity of the natural immune system in the body
  • Adjust, balance hormones, reduce stress effectively
  • Increased fertility for infertile people, due to the impact that increases the physiological needs and sperm quality for men
  • The impotence, erectile dysfunction, and spermatozoa gradually improve
  • Relieve back pain, knee aches, sweating, dizziness, dizziness
  • Blood pressure, heart rate are regulated steadily, preventing dangerous complications
  • Inhibiting and preventing the growth of cancer-causing cells, including liver cancer, skin cancer ... 
  • Limiting side effects for patients who are in the process of treating tumors
  • Supplying energy to stronger muscles
  • Help improve memory, increase concentration
  • Promote health, fight fatigue, weakness
  • Health recovery quickly for patients
  • Helping the wound to heal quickly. Anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory
  • Improve beauty, repel aging
  • Improve sleep, for more quality sleep
  • Maintain health, help longevity

Is Chinese cordyceps good?

Thus, here we have been able to answer affirmatively to the above question: Chinese cordyceps is not only good but also extremely rare elixir. Rated to have nutritional value equivalent to ginseng. It must be said that Chinese cordyceps is the most precious gift from nature. They absorb all the essence of heaven and earth, the environment, the climate, the temperature, between winter and summer, distilling what's best inside.

The extraction of cordyceps is extremely difficult, as they are becoming increasingly scarce. If not to say is in danger of extinction. It is because of these reasons that the price of natural cordyceps, originating from China, has skyrocketed. Currently they are known as "brand billion" because they cost up to thousands of dollars. Still, no one dares to make sure the cordyceps we buy, is it true that this natural cordyceps or not. 

With a successful breakthrough in the field of cordyceps farming. Nutrition experts have advised the use of artificial cordyceps. Because the content of nutrients inside them is no less natural cordyceps. Just go to reputable artificial cordyceps suppliers like Nong Lam Linh Chi. Users were able to buy quality products, at a price much cheaper than natural cordyceps.  

Artificial cordyceps are similar to natural cordyceps


Problem Chinese cordyceps There is no good answer. Besides, does the use of cordyceps achieve a medical effect? is also a problem that makes users always worry. But after this article, surely everyone can safely use cordyceps to improve health, improve the quality of life for yourself and your family. For a beautiful life.


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