Cordyceps Considered a valuable herb because of the medicinal properties it brings. Done culturing and harvesting, preparing cordyceps is not easy. Besides, cordyceps are considered to be a valuable medicine and can cure "panic" used by many physicians in treating illnesses. Today's article will learn about Cordyceps flowers. Stay tuned!

Before we know the cordyceps flower, we need to know the origin of cordyceps.

Cordyceps is considered an extremely valuable herb

The origin of cordyceps

Cordyceps originated from the Tibetan plateau (China). When the people here discovered that the sheep they grazed on the plateau became healthy, fat, and not sick or frail. They checked and analyzed the grass in the highlands. Knowing the miraculous uses to this day, they have become extremely rare herbs - Cordyceps.

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Cordyceps flowers

Cordyceps only grow when cordyceps reach adulthood. Then, on the top of the tree will grow cordyceps flowers. 

The flowers are dark orange according to the mother plant, gradually emerging and divided into 3 wings. When the flowers are divided into 3 petals, the harvester will carefully select and separate the stems and flowers of the cordyceps to prepare them.

Cordyceps flowers
Cordyceps flowers develop when cordyceps trees reach adulthood

Uses of cordyceps flowers

  • Enhancing the immune system: Cordyceps is highly effective in strengthening the immune system as well as the phagocytic capacity of immune cells. 

For people with weakened immune systems, cordyceps is an extremely good supplement to enhance resistance.

  • Enhance the ability to fight cancer, enhance metabolism, fight disease.
  • Enhance effective liver function.
  • Cordyceps helps regulate hormones especially in women.
  • Enhance blood circulation, eliminate bad cholesterol, quickly remove lactic acids and residues in the body.
  • Positive kidney transplant, cordyceps flower is highly effective in the treatment of sperm and impotence for men and women.
  • Treatment of back pain, knee fatigue, or perspiration in children, ... So when suffering from the above related diseases, you should add cordyceps and the body.
  • Anti-aging: Cordyceps anti-aging through the elimination of glicol contained in the body against aging and prolong life.
  • Prevention of cardiovascular disease: effects of cordyceps in lowering blood sugar and lowering blood pressure and stabilizing the heart rate to regulate oxygen for blood.

How to use cordyceps

Cordyceps flowers are highly effective for human health
  • Making tea: let dried cordyceps and cup of water, then add boiling water 100 degrees, incubate overnight (greater than 5 hours) in thermos to keep warm and should use tea of cordyceps on hunger .
  • Casserole: Put cordyceps flowers in clean water and simmer gently. After 15 minutes add rice and chicken / quail regional fire for about 45 minutes. When the porridge is pureed, add the seasoning and eat as usual.
  •  Cooking congee: Put cordyceps in a pot of stew with congee for a period of 55 minutes with a small temperature, then use normally.
  • Soaking alcohol: for 30 grams of cordyceps flowers soaked with 4-5 liters of alcohol, two small cups at a time. Eat daily meals but not too much.

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Buy cordyceps where prestige, quality?

According to Dr. Tran Minh Hieu (Head of Science Department, National Hospital of Traditional Medicine), speaking before the conference on herbs, said: “Cordyceps is a very precious herb, but it appears a lot. in Vietnam. It is very difficult to differentiate between the real type and the solution ”. So choosing cordyceps or cordyceps is not easy.

Cordyceps Nong Lam 
Cordyceps Nong Lam

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Cordyceps With Health

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