Ganoderma Red has a history of more than 4,000 years, is considered a high-class herb that improves health, resistance, extends longevity, energy and memory. Ganoderma, called lucidum. The herb of this longevity is named Japanese reishi mushroom, and in Chinese and Korean, it is called Chu Ling, which means immortal mushroom. Chinese view this fungus as a long-life medicine. The Romans consideredGanoderma is the food of the gods. The benefits of Ganoderma have been recognized over the years since 206 BC, Ganoderma has been associated with health, happiness and longevity. Lingzhi is buried under ancient Chinese culture as shown in many fairy tales. Many Eastern civilizations have realized the wonderful effect of Ganoderma on health.

  • The therapeutic effects of Japanese red Lingzhi:

The scientific community has not started investigating its healing properties Ganoderma red until the early 1970s, when researchers at Kyoto University began farming to control fungi. An interesting discovery occurred when researchers discovered that the six color variations of Ganoderma are a species. These six colors can be developed from the same gene. Ganoderma lucidum has biological activity, ability to limit tumors and stimulate the immune system against allergies, is a tonic supporting cancer treatment and antiviral value as an adaptogenic agent. Ganoderma lucidum is able to address a range of diseases that affect a number of organ systems in the body.

  • Health benefits of Japanese red Lingzhi:


The Japanese red lingzhi fruit is artificially grown

After analysis of the biological active components of Japanese red lingzhi, the researchers concluded that it is difficult to find a fungus that has a more complete complement or stronger immune boost. In fact, reishi mushroom has the ability to restore the effectiveness of the cytokine system and the ability to enhance the activity of NK (Natural killer) cells. According to research results, Ganoderma helps the immune system deal with a variety of autoimmune disorders when used in combination with a reasonable diet. Ganoderma has also been shown to be beneficial with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), improving circulation, reducing serum cholesterol, lowering serum glucose (fighting diabetes) and reducing the nausea feeling of chemotherapy. and radiation therapy for cancer. As mentioned above, red Lucid Ganoderma has the ability to stimulate cells to self-reject, improve immune function and fight viral infections.
According to Wasser and Weis, in an article published in 1999, Ganoderma Red has been recorded as a medical property. Including, anti-inflammatory, antitumour, blood pressure, antibacterial, antiviral, prescribed, liver protection, chronic bronchitis.
Obviously the effect of Japanese red lingzhi Great for anyone who wants to improve their health status through the addition of dietary supplements with Ganoderma regularly. Thousands of studies on Ganoderma and many authors have demonstrated progressive experimental results in health with the use of Ganoderma supplements. The diverse positive effects of Ganoderma remain under study. For example, in a recent article by Dr. H. Fujiwara confirms that stamina and endurance is greatly increased by the use of reishi mushroom extracts.

"According to the health magazine."

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