Are known, Ganoderma There are many types, typically: Red Ganoderma, Yellow Ganoderma, Green Ganoderma, Black Ganoderma ... Many users wonder about 2 lines of red and yellow reishi, which is better. Today, Ganoderma will share with you the top 3 comparison characteristics Ganoderma is yellow or red better. To learn more about these two types of Ganoderma, we invite you to follow the article below.

Ganoderma is well known for its amazing uses for health
Ganoderma is well known for its amazing uses for health

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Top 3 characteristics compare red or yellow Ganoderma better

  1. Conditions of growth and development

Yellow reishi mushroom, also known as Hoang Chi, is a fungus that grows well on decaying woody stems. Ganoderma has a high moisture content and great content. However, yellow reishi mushroom can only grow in deep forests, in small numbers and is difficult to exploit.

Meanwhile, red Ganoderma has the same nutritional content as Ganoderma but is more common. Especially in addition to wild mushrooms in the forest, it is also possible to deploy farming models.

Ganoderma is difficult to harvest
Ganoderma is difficult to harvest
  1. Color, characteristics

In terms of appearance, red and red Ganoderma have the same shape. Points of identification, like their names, can only be distinguished by color.

  • Ganoderma is crimson or reddish-brown.
  • Ganoderma is yellow, very bright and beautiful brick yellow. On the surface, there is a layer of smooth yellow label like velvet.
Red reishi mushrooms are easy to find
Red reishi mushrooms are easy to find

However, both types of mushrooms have a common feature: the surface is clean, hard and slightly wrinkled. The inside of the mushroom is soft and porous.

  1. Composition of nutrients

Virtually all Ganoderma has good, black ingredients to many uses for health. However, red lingzhi is still ranked in the first rank. In terms of rarity, red and yellow Ganoderma in nature are very difficult to find, in small numbers.However, it is easier to grow red Ganoderma on a farm model than easier yellow Ganoderma .

Ganoderma red has a high nutritional content
Ganoderma red has a high nutritional content

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Should use Ganoderma yellow or red better

In scientifically proven, all 8 types of Ganoderma have the same high nutritional value. However, Ganoderma is distinguished only based on the age of five and the living conditions such as: Royal Majesty, Ancient Ganoderma, Stone Lingzhi Therefore, to know better reishi or red reishi, it is necessary to rely on the purpose of use.

  • Ganoderma gold

In nature, Ganoderma is a fairly rare fungus, difficult to exploit and it only appears in moist lowland forests. Until now, only South Korea has been researching ways to grow Ganoderma under the industrial model while preserving its valuable properties.

The cost of Ganoderma is quite high
The cost of Ganoderma is quite high

However, the model of Ganoderma cultivation in Korea is still not really wide and popular. Ganoderma gold has been shown to be effective in treating conditions such as angina, diabetes, digestive system problems, cancer. Ganoderma price is currently very expensive, not popular in the market.

  • Red Lingzhi mushroom

Ganoderma is also effective in improving health and treating many diseases, including cancer. Especially, it can be popularly grown as an industrial farm model. Therefore, the cost of Ganoderma is much lower, can be used frequently, suitable for many subjects.

Ganoderma red has many uses for health
Ganoderma red has many uses for health

Thus, up to the present time, both types of Ganoderma and that are very good for the health of users. However, experts have shown that Ganoderma lucidum should be used in cases of cancer prevention and treatment. Meanwhile, red Ganoderma in addition to preventing and treating cancer can also support health improvement, reduce obesity, treat diabetes, blood pressure, cardiovascular, restore health.

In particular, both red and yellow reishi mushrooms do not accumulate toxicity in the body when used long term.

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