According to data taken from cancer researchers, the tendency for people to get cancer, especially liver cancer, is more likely. Green lim mushroom can cure liver disease but should be careful when using. You can refer to the top 4 notes when using Green lim mushroom cure the liver down here.

Factors that can lead to liver cancer

From bad habits of your own will lead to liver damage and reduced functioning. Therefore, when you find out your liver is damaged, the right thing to do is to treat it promptly. To avoid suffering from other symptoms or liver cancer.

There are many causes of inefficient liver functioning
There are many causes of inefficient liver functioning  

Following your doctor's routine is the most effective treatment. In addition, patients can also combine treatment according to diet activities with science and green iron mushrooms.

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How to use green iron mushroom cure liver disease

For green lim mushroom can provide all its uses, the patient should use the finished lim mushroom. Because green lim mushrooms when processed will create more pharmaceutical ingredients in mushrooms. When patients use fungi will be able to promote all their effects and effective faster.

How the green lim mushroom has been processed

Patients can use green lim mushroom together with water to drink. How to do it is very simple, just put green lim mushroom with 2 liters of clean water in the medicine pot. After the water has less than 1.5 liters, turn off the stove and drain the water to drink during the day.

Mushroom water should drink up during the day
Mushroom water should drink up during the day

When the color of water with green lim mushrooms you can feel the unique aroma and bitterness of this mushroom. Patients can also add licorice to the water when the red lim mushroom is easier to drink.

Note: Green lim mushroom is not as sharp as a metal kettle, because the metal will reduce the medicinal component of the mushroom when sharp. When green lim mushroom patients should use ceramic or soil warm so that the mushroom can take full effect.

Green lim mushroom cure any group of liver disease?

  • Green lim mushroom cure hepatitis, fatty liver, liver cancer
  • Patients use 30g red liman mushrooms to drink daily when suffering from some liver diseases such as:
  • Liver Cancer
  • Hepatitis B, C
  • Cirrhosis
  • Steatosis
  • Using green lim mushroom to enhance liver function and detoxify the liver
  • Green lim mushroom has the effect of enhancing liver function and purifying and detoxifying the liver for users. Patients should use the dose of green lim mushroom from 10 to 20g in a day for cases such as:
  • Excessive use of alcohol leads to liver toxicity.
  • Patients with excessive drug use affect liver function.
Green lim mushroom supports the treatment of many liver diseases
Green lim mushroom supports the treatment of many liver diseases

+ Note: A.Different points when comparing the reishi and Ganoderma lucidum mushrooms

Top 4 things to pay attention to when using green lim mushroom to treat the disease

When using reishi mushroom to treat liver diseases and liver cancer, patients can use Western medicine to treat.

In order to get the best treatment effect for liver diseases or liver cancer, patients need to pay attention to the following issues:

  • The patient should not use medication at the same time as green lim mushroom. Green lim mushroom, when taken orally, does not only provide the effect of treating liver diseases. It also has the effect of reducing the side effects that Western medicine can cause. Therefore patients should not take western medicine and shiitake mushrooms at the same time so as not to lose the effect of the medicine. Patients can use the drug after using the reishi mushroom for about 45 minutes to 1 hour.
Drink green lim mushroom juice before or after 30 minutes of medication
Drink green lim mushroom juice before or after 30 minutes of medication
  • Patients should not refine green lim mushroom twice to drink. Because reishi mushrooms have been processed should only be sharp with water once because it is quickly released substance.
  • Patients should use green lim mushroom for a period of 2 to 5 months. In order for the body to get used to the absorption of pharmaceutical ingredients.
  • Green lim mushroom after decoction with water to drink absolutely no side effects. Patients who are newly used will have symptoms such as abdominal pain because the body has not adapted to green lim mushroom. For patients who have just started treatment with green lim mushroom, they should use a dose of about 5g a day. Gradually it may increase as the body gets used to the mushroom.

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