Market Cordyceps Currently, the sale is rampant, the level of counterfeiting is becoming more and more sophisticated, so it is difficult for buyers to distinguish the real fake. Therefore, finding and buying true cordyceps products with reputable brands is what everyone wants. Have you heard of Vietnamese Military brand cordyceps? Today, in this article we want to share with you what you need to know about Cordyceps Army brand. Certainly there will be useful information in this article, do not hurry to glance it.

The famous army of cordyceps brand in the market
The famous army of cordyceps brand in the market   

1. Cordyceps Army

With the aim of bringing Vietnamese people a healthy, affordable medicine. Military units have successfully researched and applied artificial cordyceps breeding similar to the natural Tibetan cordyceps. This is one of the companies producing artificial cordyceps, which has a high content of nutrients, closed farming conditions and full of elements similar to the natural environment.

Cordyceps Army of good quality
Cordyceps Army of good quality

After being brought back in Tibetan cordyceps mushroom, the Army brand experts have studied how to grow mushrooms with medicinal herbs. However, the cost must be many times cheaper for anyone to use. After many efforts and efforts, the current cordyceps mushroom brand of the current Army has fully met certain requirements of a high-class pharmaceutical.

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2. Military brand cordyceps products

Currently, on the market there are products of Cordyceps army brand such as:

  • Cordyceps fresh raw biomass

This is one of the most cordyceps remaining products. In particular, mushrooms are harvested at the time of existence of the highest amount of pharmaceuticals, so it is guaranteed to give users a good effect on health. You can safely use the product, because cordyceps from seeding to harvest do not use any growth stimulants. When packaging products, no preservatives, no additives, have gone through the process of removing impurities. Fresh Cordyceps biomass products can be stored in a refrigerator for a maximum of 10 days.

Fresh Cordyceps County team has perfect quality
Fresh Cordyceps County team has perfect quality
  • Fresh cordyceps without soles

Fresh cordyceps are not called the cordyceps. The product ensures the content of nutrients inside, the maximum storage time in the refrigerator compartment is 10 days.

Cordyceps fresh fruiting body
Cordyceps fresh fruiting body
  • Dried cordyceps

Army dried cordyceps are dried and sublimated from 1005 fresh Cordyceps to ensure the nutrient content inside. For dried cordyceps, there are packaging specifications such as: 10g vials, 20g, 30g, 50g, 100g ...

Cordyceps Army dried form
Cordyceps Army dried form
  • Cordyceps worms form

Maybe, natural cordyceps Tibet Fungus with fungus is the kind you've seen. Cordyceps cordyceps grown in Vietnam are silkworm pupae.

Currently, Doctors, Engineers in the Army have researched on special cordyceps - deep cordyceps. This type of cordyceps is most similar to the natural cordyceps, high medicinal content.

Cordyceps cordyceps are full of pharmaceutical substance with high content
Cordyceps cordyceps are full of pharmaceutical substance with high content

3. The subjects using Cordyceps Military

Cordyceps Army is used for people who are experiencing symptoms of health instability such as:

  • People with high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes.
  • People with cancer who are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy.
  • People who are having physiological trouble, kidney damage ...
  • People are suffering from bronchial asthma, asthma.
  • Use for people who are depressed body, often tired, newly ill.

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4. How to use Cordyceps Military?

Both fresh and dried cordyceps in the Army brand can be processed in a variety of ways. However, no matter which way you process it, you need to keep in mind the most important principles such as:

  • Do not cook frozen cooking on the stove for too long, should only boil about 60 minutes.
  • Do not cook in any kind of warm pots, metal pots.
  • Do not abuse cordyceps too much.

Above is the information related to Cordyceps Army Ganoderma want to share with you. Hope you will understand more about the product brand and use it to nourish and protect health. Thank you for your interest in following the article.

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