They use cordyceps as a kind of "miracle" to treat many diseases in the body. For people without diseases, using cordyceps is like taking a tonic, a natural antibiotic to protect the body from disease, fight fatigue, eat well, sleep well. Currently cordyceps, in addition to whole forms, there are also powdered forms. Today's article, Linh Chi Nong Lam will share with you 4 things to know about powdered cordyceps. If you are also interested in this product, do not hurry to skip our article.

1. How is cordyceps powder made?

In fact, powdered cordyceps are also products made from 100%. Fresh cordyceps after harvest will be preliminarily processed, cleaned and dried. The method of drying used was cold drying, in order to retain the active ingredient in cordyceps more.

Cordyceps is considered a rare medicinal mushroom
Cordyceps is considered a rare medicinal mushroom 

Cordyceps after drying will transfer to specialized grinding machines to form a powder. Cordyceps in powder form is full of ingredients such as whole cordyceps.

Cordyceps cordyceps have the following nutritional and pharmaceutical ingredients: Ingredients of important active ingredients in cancer treatment, body improvement, vitamins (A, B1, B12, C, E, K ...), 17 types of amino acids, ingredients of trace elements (Na, K, Se, Si, Al ...).

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2. Where does cordyceps powder come from?

We always believe that the natural herbs will be better than the artificial ones. Therefore, when people hear about the effects of cordyceps, everyone rushes to hunt for Tibetan cordyceps.

However, natural cordyceps production is increasingly scarce, expensive price. With the cordyceps market today, buying powdered cordyceps of natural origin is not easy at all.

So why not switch to Vietnamese Dong Cordyceps? Reportedly, Vietnam currently has the quality of cordyceps standing on the top list. Vietnamese Cordyceps according to research, they have all the same pharmaceuticals as natural cordyceps in Tibet.

Powdered cordyceps also have the same effect as natural cordyceps
Powdered cordyceps also have the same effect as natural cordyceps

The advantage of cordyceps in Vietnam is that it is easy to find, it is committed by the business unit about quality. At the same time, cordyceps in Vietnam are affordable, anyone can use or buy as gifts.

Vietnam cordyceps powder is currently discussed in the form of dry powder, honey soaked powder, bird's nest powder, tea bag powder ...

3. How to use cordyceps powder?

Although cordyceps powder has many different types, even refined drugs are available to users to save time and effort and still improve their health.

However, to ensure the inner substance, use the right dose according to age, health status. Many people choose to choose cordyceps powder to make them into the following remedies:

  • Use cordyceps powdered powder to make tea

With this method, you only need 3 minutes to have a delicious, nutritious teapot. After preparing the boiling water, put about 5g of cordyceps powder in the jar and keep it sealed. You can make pure cordyceps tea or add honey, licorice or ginseng as you like.

  • Use finely ground cordyceps to cook porridge

You just need to cook a bowl of white porridge, chicken porridge, fish porridge or whatever you like. After the bowl of porridge, add the cordyceps powder, coriander, pepper and enjoy. Porridge with cordyceps porridge dish makes spice will be more delicious, more delicious.

Using powdered cordyceps to cook porridge is also a way to use powdered cordyceps
Using powdered cordyceps to cook porridge is also a way to use powdered cordyceps
  • Using cordyceps powder soaked honey

You only need to prepare 1 liter of pure honey, soak in glass jars and 50g of cordyceps powder. After about 1 week, you can use 1 spoon of cordyceps in the form of powder soaked honey mixed with hot water, eat directly ...

  • Cook with meats, bird's nest

When distillation of bird's nest, stewed meat soup, cook soup. You can also add 1 teaspoon of finely ground cordyceps powder to enhance the flavor.

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4. Where can I buy powdered cordyceps?

Present, Ganoderma provide Vietnamese cordyceps in powder form, whole and in capsule form, delicate cordyceps ... You can order pure powdered cordyceps sinensis or buy raw cordyceps sinensis to grind the powder. at home.

We are committed to whether whatever cordyceps is still the most perfect quality. Each product that we provide has the associated warranty policy. Therefore, you can safely choose cordyceps products in ours.

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