Cordyceps is considered to be the most unique organism in the world that is identified as having the combination of animals and plants. That is why this creature has received the essence of these two special species and turned itself into a rare medicinal herb. According to many studies, cordyceps can adjust and balance yin and yang, in addition, it can also treat many different diseases, So today let's go learn about 3 things to know about cordyceps biomass, through the article below!

1. Cordyceps biomass

Unlike other cordyceps, biomass is a cordyceps that is raised by humans in an artificial environment. The raw materials for artificial cordyceps cultivation are brown rice soles and pureed silkworm pupae and other nutrients. Over a period of 62 to 75 days, microorganisms and fungi will also grow and form like other grasses. Once formed, the fungus will have a yellow-orange and milky-white mycelium system, and in addition, there will be fungal bodies appearing on the substrate. When harvested, only take the fruiting ingredient of Cordyceps Militaris.

Cordyceps biomass is cordyceps nourished in the natural environment
Cordyceps biomass is cordyceps nourished in the natural environment 

This is a special kind of cordyceps, because they contain up to 16 types of amino acids, vitamins, lipids, D - mannitol and many different trace elements. Not only that, the cordyceps Militaris mushroom also contains many biological components that possess valuable medicinal values such as cordiceptic acid, cordycepin ... These two substances are used to treat cancer in the human body. . In addition, they also work to make the human body can enhance the absorption and treatment of the pancreas, greatly assist in the treatment of diabetes, strengthen the immune system for the body ...

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2. The effect of biomass cordyceps

Cordyceps biomass brings many beneficial effects to the human body such as:

Enhance the immune system in the body: Using cordyceps will help the human body to adjust and increase immunity from many diseases. Not only that, when using biomass cordyceps, the human body also increases the ability to fight cancer cells, promotes metabolism, enhances kidney and liver function.

Helping the human body against fatigue: When using biomass cordyceps, the human body will also be adjusted hormones, push the body's residues, eliminate Lactic Acid, increase enhance blood circulation ... Help the human body against fatigue.

Regular use of biomass cordyceps helps improve the health of the body
Regular use of biomass cordyceps helps improve the health of the body

Positive kidney tonic: Using cordyceps regularly will help your body healthier. In addition, for patients with symptoms such as: fatigue, knee sweating, back pain physiological weakness, impotence, di sperm ... When using cordyceps biomass will bring therapeutic effects effectively treat and overcome the disease.

Anti-aging: Using capsules biomass cordyceps, will help users resist the aging process and prolong life. Thanks to the process of eliminating radical and other impurities that are harmful to the body.

Prevention of cardiovascular diseases: Using biomass cordyceps brings many benefits to the cardiovascular system such as: Lowering blood pressure, regulating heart rate, regulating the amount of oxygen in the blood, lowering blood sugar ...

Eliminating chronic diseases: Using biomass cordyceps regularly will help the body eliminate chronic diseases such as tracheitis, pneumonia, asthma, hepatitis ...

Cordyceps biomass is used in the treatment of chronic diseases
Cordyceps biomass is used in the treatment of chronic diseases

Sputum, asthma reduction: Cordyceps biomass has many benefits in enhancing kidney function, hemostasis, sputum, reducing asthma symptoms for users.

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3. Types of biomass cordyceps

At present, biomass cordyceps are produced by manufacturers with many forms such as:

  • Cordyceps fresh biomass
  • Cordyceps dry biomass

+ Cordyceps in dried whole fiber biomass

+ Cordyceps dry powder biomass

+ Cordyceps dry biomass capsules

+ Cordyceps biomass in water form

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