1. Question:
Mushroom Ganoderma Buying from overseas is usually very nice, clean and shiny. Mushroom Ganoderma There is a layer of chalk on the outside, looking not eye-catching. So please give an explanation?

Ganoderma of Nong Lam   Should choose Ganoderma Vietnam or Korea
Ganoderma - Ganoderma   Korean reishi

The chalk layer on the mushroom surface Ganoderma is a class of polysaccharide supplements, works to increase the body's immunity, increase liver function, isolate and kill cancer cells. Mushroom Ganoderma When harvesting and packing guarantee keep the integrity of Polyssacharide intact to your hands consumers, do not extract any supplements. When using mushrooms Ganoderma, please do not wash the mushrooms as the mushrooms themselves are clean, washing them will accidentally remove the Polysaccharide layer from the mushroom's surface. A mirror-like mushroom is a fungus that may have been washed or extracted once, without the polysaccharide layer on its surface.

2. Question:
Mushroom Ganoderma bought from abroad are usually very large (sometimes mushroom ears half the table) and hard. Mushroom Ganoderma is smaller and softer. So it can be understood that foreign mushrooms are better than mushrooms Ganoderma is not?

Ganoderma of Nong Lam   Should choose Korean or Vietnamese mushrooms

If understood well, in the same condition of family-scale processing (cooking in a decoction pot for 20-30 minutes) which fungus produces more substance, It cannot be said that big mushrooms are better than soft little mushrooms. The reason is simple: substances found in hard mushrooms will be difficult to break down wood follicles to dissolve into water. In soft mushrooms, this is much easier (in family processing, boiling mushrooms in a decoction pot for 20-30 minutes). As a result, soft mushrooms will produce more substances than hard mushrooms in the same home processing conditions. Mushrooms that are too hard may have turned to wood. These hard mushrooms are often sold at very high prices with market-based explanations rather than expertise. Whether or not this expensive block of wood contains nutrients, more or less will be a big question that experts are also very hesitant to give an answer to. Whether the mushrooms are large or small doesn't show much or less of the content. Mushroom Ganoderma Currently, the content of substances is in line with the purchasing standards of major domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies.

3. Question:
I bought Ganoderma from abroad, drinking it was very bitter, like Chinese medicine. Mushroom Ganoderma not as bitter. So which mushroom is better?

Ganoderma Ganoderma

Mushroom Linh chi (ganoderma Lucidum) mild bitterness. If you have processed the usual way (3-5 slices into 1.5 liters of water) and drink very bitter, please review the origin of the purchase, because Ganoderma really is not very bitter as you describe, unless you take Ganoderma concentrate extract.

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