Green lim mushroom bring great benefits to health, everyone knows. However, many people drink the green iron mushrooms regularly, but the results are not as high as others. What is the reason? The main reason why the shiitake mushroom does not work well is that you do not abstain from foods that are incompatible with green iron. So What to drink green lim mushroom?? You can refer to below's article Ganoderma we.

Green lim mushroom has good effects on health
Green lim mushroom has good effects on health

What to drink green lim mushroom?

Shiitake mushrooms are confirmed by both Eastern and Western Medicine to have many medicinal ingredients that are good for health. In particular, the green iron mushrooms can support the liver to eliminate toxins, restore damaged liver cells ... However, many people take advantage of that function of the green iron mushroom to form their eating habits " bluff ". This is a common problem in people who are using the mushroom to prevent and treat the disease.

However, it is an unhealthy eating habit that has caused the red lim mushroom to backfire. It even endangers user health. Take green lim mushroom to abstain from the following food groups:

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  1. Drinking reishi mushrooms should abstain from using stimulants, alcohol, cigarettes

Because the liver is now gradually receiving medicinal properties to repair the damage. If you continue to load these substances, the liver must continue to work at full capacity to eliminate toxins. At this time, the medicinal properties of green lim mushroom are almost disabled. Not only that, all activities of other agencies are also stagnant.

Drinking green lim mushroom abstains from alcohol and cigarettes
Drinking green lim mushroom abstains from alcohol and cigarettes
  1. Drinking lim green mushrooms abstain from using drugs indiscriminately

When patients use reishi mushroom to support the treatment of diseases that are taking combinations of western medicine. You should ask your doctor about this problem, limit the patient's indiscriminate use of drugs. If you take medicine along with drinking shiitake mushrooms, you should use it about 1 hour apart. In particular, when using green lim mushrooms are not arbitrarily used antibiotics.

  1. Drinking green lim mushroom does not eat hot spicy food

One of the notes when using green lim mushroom is that you need to avoid eating too many hot spicy dishes. Because it will make the active ingredients in green mushrooms lose much value.

  1. Do not eat a lot of greasy foods when drinking green lim mushrooms

The medicinal ingredient in green lim mushroom has the effect of lowering blood fat, preventing the formation of new fat tissue in the body, burning the excess fat. However, this does not mean that you can eat fast foods that contain too much bad fat. You should only supplement the body with good fats from nuts, fish, ...

  1. Do not drink green lim mushrooms with sugar, sweets

Green lim mushroom is initially difficult to drink, because it has a bitter taste. However, only drink a few times you will get used to it. Instead of adding sugar to the mushroom juice to drink or eat with sweets. You can add a few slices of licorice, artichoke or honey to taste, easy to drink and increase the medicinal properties of green lim mushroom.

Green lim mushroom can be taken with honey
Green lim mushroom can be taken with honey

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The note when drinking green lim mushrooms

  • Do not drink green lim mushroom when you are hungry because it will damage your stomach.
  • Do not drink green lim mushroom juice overnight, after 24 hours, especially in hot weather.
  • Reduce the dose of mushrooms if you feel nauseous or dizzy.
  • Do not boil shiitake mushrooms together with herbs that you do not know about their medicinal properties and cannot determine if they are repellent to mushrooms.
  • Do not use aluminum pots to cook green iron mushroom as this will reduce the medicinal properties.
  • Should use green lim mushroom water when still hot and warm. If the water is too cold, it may reheat.
  • Do not use green iron mushrooms that have not been prepared, because they are still toxic inside.
  • You should use green lim mushroom starting from a small dose to get used to the body then increase the dose.
  • When cooking green lim mushrooms, if you cook 2 liters of water, then when you start boiling, reduce the heat again, sharpen to 1.5 or 1 liter of water, then lift out of the kitchen.
  • Do not use intermittent green mushrooms, you must use regularly with a certain dose to see the effect.

Where to buy green lim mushroom good?

On the market today, the fake green lim mushroom is made very sophisticated. Therefore, if you use your eyes to distinguish you will be very likely to buy the wrong goods.

Drink green iron mushrooms Fake will make the condition worse. Not only that, the body will have problems with the digestive system, the excretory system, allergy itching, bloating, vomiting ...

Should buy green lim mushrooms at reputable facilities
Should buy green lim mushrooms at reputable facilities

Forest lim mushroom or green lim mushroom cultivated in a good technical environment have the same medicinal composition. Meanwhile, forest lim mushrooms are quite rare, expensive and easy to be counterfeited, perennial wood fungi lose nutrients.

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