Cordyceps always topped the list of health improvement products. Currently, artificial cordyceps has been studied and applied successfully so that users can use more without worrying about the price. One of the famous brands of cordyceps is the brand Truong Sinh. What do you know about cordyceps products from this brand? Ganoderma In this article we will share with you Things to know about cordyceps with Truong Sinh brand. Do not miss this article, it will provide you with much necessary information about Cordyceps Truong Sinh.

1. Introduce some features of Cordyceps Truong Sinh

The Cordyceps Cordyceps Company has spent 10 years researching and applying the development of the cordyceps mushroom cultivation model.

At present, Truong Sinh cordyceps ranks in the top 10 in the country in terms of high quality Vietnamese cordyceps brand. Up to now, Truong Sinh Company has developed and expanded with more than 30 geographical distribution nationwide.

Cordyceps Longevity famous in Vietnam
Cordyceps Longevity famous in Vietnam   

Cordyceps longevity is also a certificate holder with Cordycepin content standard. Therefore, all products of Cordyceps brand name Truong Sinh give the best quality.

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2. The antiparasitic products of the antifungal

  • Cordyceps fresh longevity

With fresh Cordyceps, Truong Sinh brand, if stored in the cooler of the refrigerator, the shelf life will be 10 days. After 10 days of cordyceps, there will be no more nutrient content as before and susceptible to microorganisms in the external environment, producing toxins.

Using fresh Cordyceps cordyceps in standard dosage will bring the best effect.

+ Ordinary people do not have any medical problems, if you want to use cordyceps to maintain health, you should use about 2-4 grams of fresh water every day.

+ People with diseases such as heart failure, liver disease, diabetes, cancer use twice the normal person's dosage.

You should use fresh cordyceps in the morning 30 minutes before meals for the body to absorb the best nutrients. Note during use should not use beer, alcohol because it can lose nutrients of cordyceps.

Fresh cordyceps have a maximum shelf life of 10 days when refrigerated
Fresh cordyceps have a maximum shelf life of 10 days when refrigerated
  • Longevity cordyceps longevity

Cordyceps after being vacuum-dried, ensure the remaining nutrient content is above 90%.

For normal people, it is recommended to use about 3 stalks of dried cordyceps a day to improve and maintain health.

For those who are suffering from pathology, it is advisable to use 6 stems of dried cordyceps mushroom per day to support treatment.

Using dried cordyceps is the same as when using fresh cordyceps, do not use an overdose, do not use alcohol if you want to achieve the highest efficiency when used.

Use cordyceps in appropriate doses to ensure health
Use cordyceps in appropriate doses to ensure health

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  • Cordyceps cordyceps Longevity 750ml

The main ingredient of the premium cordyceps wine with traditional northern sticky rice wine. Because the yeast of the cordyceps sinensis wine is very specific, made according to the esoteric recipe. Therefore, wine products have a better taste than many other wines on the market.

The ingredients in cordyceps contain up to 80g of fresh cordyceps mushrooms. Users to protect their health, every day 30ml of alcohol is enough. People with certain medical conditions can double the dose for normal use.

Cordyceps liquor brand of Longevity
Cordyceps liquor brand of Longevity
  • Changxing Ginseng Cordyceps Alcohol 1000ml

Products include 80g of superior fresh Cordyceps cordyceps and 1 Korean ginseng root 6 years old. The combination of the two ingredients above gives users a great health supplement.

People who want to improve their health should use about 30ml per day. For those who want to improve their health, they should use 30ml of alcohol per day. People with health conditions use about 60ml per day to support the improvement of the pathology.

Longevity cordyceps longevity ginseng has a delicious taste
Longevity cordyceps longevity ginseng has a delicious taste

Cordyceps Longevity good but can not abuse much or arbitrarily used without consulting your doctor. Especially, immortal cordyceps cannot be used for children under 12 years of age or pregnant and lactating women.

Above is information related to cordyceps with Truong Sinh brand Ganoderma want to share with you. Hopefully with the information we share, you will understand more about cordyceps of this Truong Sinh brand.

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