Cordyceps In Vietnam, many people are interested and preferred to use. The advantage of Vietnamese cordyceps is that it has high content of medicinal herbs, is cheap and easy to source. In recent times, many consumers choose to use cordyceps in the form of fibers. To learn more about this medicinal mushroom, you can consult 4 things to know about filamentous cordyceps via the article below.

1. Origin of filamentous cordyceps

Filamentous cordyceps derived from biomass cordyceps grown in artificial greenhouse conditions. Filamentous filamentous filaments consist of a mushroom stem containing medicinal ingredients transplanted on the base of a mixture of brown rice flour, green beans and pureed silkworm pupae.

Cordyceps biomass when harvested will only take the hyphae above, because it brings together the highest nutrient content. Filamentous cordyceps in Vietnam have 2 types: fresh and dried.

Filamentous cordyceps are derived from the cordyceps biomass
Filamentous cordyceps are derived from the cordyceps biomass  

Fresh filamentous cordyceps contain 100% of nutrients, but the maximum storage time is only 2 weeks if placed in the refrigerator cooler. For filamentous cordyceps dried by sublimation drying method, the storage period can be up to 1 year.

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2. Is cordyceps fiber good?

According to scientists' research, filamentous cordyceps grown in Vietnam's artificial environment is full of nutrients like natural cordyceps in Tibet.

This is enough proof that fiber filaments still exist full of rare nutrients, active ingredients and amino acids, vitamins, trace elements.

Cordyceps in Vietnam are good, benign, do not cause side effects, so users can use every day.

Filamentous cordyceps in Vietnam are benign and do not cause side effects
Filamentous cordyceps in Vietnam are benign and do not cause side effects

However, even if cordyceps are used by users such as "panacea", it will still not be able to use the following objects:

  • Absolutely do not use artificial cordyceps for children under 5 years old.
  • Pregnant and lactating women do not use cordyceps.
  • People preparing for surgery should stop using cordyceps before 2 weeks.
  • People with fever should not use cordyceps, as it can cause hot flashes, making the condition worse.

3. How to process cordyceps in fibers?

Filamentous cordyceps in Vietnam is a medicinal mushroom that can treat "panacea" with many different ways of processing.

  • Cordyceps cordyceps

For gentlemen, Cordyceps in alcohol is always the most attractive cooking method. When using cordyceps in the form of wine soaked, users can combine other medicinal ingredients such as red apple, deer velvet, ginseng, ginseng, celadon, ...

You can also use filamentous cordyceps to soak the wine
You can also use filamentous cordyceps to soak the wine

Normally, for every 1 liter of white wine, it needs 20g of cordyceps and about 150g of the total other medicines (if any). Alcohol soaked in glass bottles should be kept in a cool place, after about 30 days can be used. Cordyceps cordyce soaked for as long will be bold, delicious.

  • Cordyceps cooked congee

For those who are sick, using filamentous cordyceps this way is great. You just need to cook porridge as usual, combining other additional foods if desired. Afterwards, filamentous cordyceps bring clean, drop into the bowl of hot porridge and enjoy.

  • Cordyceps cordy tea

This filamentous cordyceps tea has a delicious taste, is easy to drink and does not take long to prepare. Cordyceps tea mixed like normal teas, can be used to sip all day, even when receiving guests.

There are many other ways of processing cordyceps such as: Stir-fry with vegetables, stew soup, cook soup, distill with bird's nest, eat directly ...

However, when choosing how to process filamentous cordyceps on a fire, note:

  • Cordyceps are prone to pyrolysis at high temperatures for long periods. Therefore, do not cook cordyceps on the stove for more than 60 minutes, do not let the fire burn when.
  • Do not use pots and pots made of metal to cook cordyceps because they can produce toxins.
Do not use pots and pots made of metal to cook cordyceps
Do not use pots and pots made of metal to cook cordyceps

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4. Where to find good places to buy cordyceps?

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