Cordyceps has always been rated as a rare pharmaceutical today. Because special herbs brought in cordyceps are not always available. Cordyceps has extremely complex growth in certain weather conditions. Thanks to advanced modern technology, Vietnam has been proud of its successes cordyceps production technology

Origin of cordyceps

Cordyceps is essentially a parasitic form of fungi on the larvae of a butterfly. In the winter, this fungus will parasitize in the larvae body and suck up nutrients that cause the worm to die. After that, they will taste good on the ground and grow as a common herb.

Cordyceps - rare and precious pharmaceutical materials today
Cordyceps - rare and precious pharmaceutical materials today

Types of Cordyceps 

Cordyceps today is cultivated and manufactured by manufacturers in many forms to suit the purpose of consumers. With advanced modern technology, manufacturers have prepared several types on the market as follows:

  • Cordyceps Cordyceps 
  • Pure Cordyceps
  • Cordyceps dried, heated 
  • Fresh Cordyceps 
  • Cordyceps Cordyceps 
  • Cordyceps tablets
Dried Cordyceps

All of these Cordyceps are different in form but have high nutritional and medicinal properties.

+ Note: The Benefits Of Cordyceps Is Extremely Precious

Cturmeric production industryg Cordyceps 

With the miraculous benefits for health, the price of fresh Cordyceps is high, but still many users choose.

Due to the increasing demand for medicinal materials, from the exploitation in the wild, the production units are increasingly applying advanced technology and creating artificial Cordyceps culture processes. .

Cordyceps production workshop 
Cordyceps production workshop

In the process of culturing Cordyceps Cordyceps very high requirements from the hygienic culture environment to prevent mold and moisture from entering. 

  • The value of cordyceps depends on the culture medium. 
  • Depending on different culture conditions, different ingredients, the proportion of pharmaceutical ingredients in cordyceps also varies, so the value of the product will have a difference.
  • Based on the characteristics and climatic conditions of Vietnam, scientists showed that available materials such as rice, sugarcane, and sweet potato silkworm pupae are absolutely a good environment to develop for Eastern culture. Cordyceps grows in our country.
Raising Cordyceps in purple charcoal
Raising Cordyceps in purple charcoal

According to the study, the development of organic production process of Cordyceps in the organic way has achieved many development directions and improved the quality of Cordyceps. 

Producing closed cordyceps using available materials

In order to use the available raw materials such as maize, sweet potato, cassava, scientists have come up with absolute ideas for the process of producing Cordyceps in Vietnam.


  • Hydrolyzing the raw materials of cassava corn and cassava Continue, mixing with nutrients to create an environment suitable for fungal plant varieties.
  • The medium is then cultured at an appropriate temperature, through light and dark inoculation stages, until the development of the mushroom body follows strict standards.
  • The whole process will last for 70 days.

In addition, many researchers have successfully cultivated Cordyceps on silkworm pupae. With the way that Cordyceps grows in the wild, it produces a high quality cordyceps, in addition, the research team also created many cultivation equipment such as cabinets, autoclaves and autoclaves. , biomass culture system and complete farming process to transfer to many different production scales.

+ Note: Cordyceps Support The Treatment of Prostate Disease

Cordyceps Brand with modern and advanced production process today

Currently, companies and pharmacies rely on strict rules to create high quality Cordyceps products with competitive prices in the market.

As one of the reputable companies specializing in producing and manufacturing Cordyceps Cordyceps, Ganoderma at the forefront of Cordyceps brand in the market today.  

Cordyceps Cordyceps has been tested by the Ministry of Health to meet quality standards

With success in the field Cordyceps production technologyWe hope that we will have more Cordyceps Cordyceps products with higher and higher nutritional value. 

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