What is the effect of green lim mushroom? How does reishi mushroom work for health, along with Ganoderma nông lâm refer to the following article, introducing the effects of reishi mushroom. Wishing you and your family are always healthy.

Green Lim mushroom began to be used as medicine in Eastern medicine more than 2000 years ago, a time unnoticed by the seemingly extinct scarcity. Since 2007, the "green lim mushroom fever" has started to break out due to the fact that the green limestone mushroom still exists and is distributed in Truong Son, Tay Nguyen and Southern Laos.

Until today, many valuable uses of green lim mushroom are still not fully discovered. In fact, green lim mushrooms have any effect? To answer that question, it is best to learn about the situation of research and use of reishi mushroom according to scientific and folk sources. endemic Ganoderma, grows on green lim trees in primary forests (including forests of Vietnam and Laos). Document No. 08 / VDL-QLKHĐT dated 10/1/2011 of the Institute of Medicinal Materials (Ministry of Health) sent to Quang Nam Department of Health in response to the inspection of quality and biological effects of reishi mushroom, Dr. Nguyen Minh Khoi, Director of Science, affirmed: Ganoderma lucidum is scientific name Ganoderma lucidum (Leyss. Ex Fr.) Karst.

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Effects of Green Lim Mushrooms?

Although the medicinal effects of shiitake have not been fully explored, some healing effects of green reishi mushroom according to scientific and folk materials show that reishi mushroom has the effects of dividing into two groups as follows:

- Group of supportive effects, preventive treatment: Supporting the prevention and treatment of cancer (forms of cancer and tumors, tumors), cirrhosis, fatty liver, prostatic hypertrophy; restore stroke after stroke, cure gout (also known as gout, arthritis, arthralgia, diabetes (diabetes), stomach pain, colon ...

- Rehabilitation and functional group: Liver detoxification (due to alcohol, beer, toxin), also known as acute or chronic ethyl alcohol poisoning, boosting vitality, reducing blood fat, lowering high blood pressure, reducing excess fat (reducing fat, combating weight gain) ), detoxification, purifying the body ...

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Green lim mushroom has the advantage of medical support for the health of the patient in that there are no side effects or minor side effects, most of which only occur a little discomfort at the time of starting using mushrooms so that the body can promptly adapt to the medicinal herbs of green lim mushroom. Reishi mushroom has no interaction with modern Western medicine, so clinical trials have not recorded any drug reactions, but users should still use green reishi mushroom before or after taking it. medicine (Western medicine) at intervals of 30 minutes or more to ensure the maximum absorption effect. Doctors also advise not to abandon Western medicine treatment regimen when using reishi mushroom or consider reishi mushroom as a complete substitute for medicine, because the performance of Eastern and Western medicine is Relatively different treatment mechanisms.


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